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VEX Robotics Essay

This challenge is to write a short essay on what exactly VEX Robotics means to you. Tell the judges your own story of your involvement on a competition team, in a classroom, or as a hobbyist working with VEX. Perhaps VEX robotics has made you rethink your career plans, or made you want to study engineering in college, or helped you understand physics better. Maybe you have a friend or family member who learned something valuable from their VEX experience. However VEX robotics has improved your understanding, inspired you to try something you didn't know you could do, or even changed the course of your education - we want to hear about it.



A Priceless Experience


Showing why Vex was an absolutely necessary step that opened the world of engineering, and how benefited the whole team.
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A Mechanical Drive


For me Vex isn't about a gold medal and bragging rights; it's about a mechanical drive that forces me to never stop creating something new.
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The VEX influence


There was error in the previous one I uploaded so, I uploaded a new one. This entry is about how VEX influenced my life and changed my path towards the future.
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VEX Flattens the World


Vex is connecting my education and my career, and it's connecting me to the entire world.
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Who cares???


I enjoy the emotion that the task gives me. I am happy when I finally figure out the part of the robot but then frustrate because that part does not work out.
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The Unexpected Victory


As the leader of a rookie team of five girls, I never imagined that we could actually construct a robot; nor would I have guessed how much being a part of VEX would shape my passion for engineering.
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Vex Design Essay


This essay will tell about my experience with Vex.
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My VEX Expirience


VEX has changed my life forever. I hope this short summary can explain how much this program means to me.
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VEX: The Steps to Success


Fourteen year old Morgan Montalvo reflects on her past experience with VEX robotics. She also explains how it has inspired her to stay with VEX and become an engineer. Not only has VEX helped her to reach her goals in the field of engineering, but also other aspects of her life.
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The VEX life saver


the story behind the driving force of my career
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Vex - More than just robotics


Vex robotics introduced me to a life of engineering. By Gustavo Gratacós.
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What vex means to us.


Our entry is about the excitment and the fun of robotics
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Awesome Vex!


What Vex means to me.
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The Power of VEX


This is a short summary about the impact VEX has had on my life. -Payal Chakraborty
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Vex Robotics Essay


The attached file is my entry for the Vex Robotics Essay competition. I put a lot of work into this essay, and it represents my passion for Vex. I hope you enjoy it and good luck to the other participants!
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Senior VEX Experience


Senior VEX Experience.
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This is a short essay on what Vex means to me
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Hopes and Dreams


A brief essay on how VEX impacted my life for the better. It describes the amazing work that VEX has done on not just me, but the youth of the world.
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This is my essay on how the world of VEX has changed my outlook of the future in engineering.
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Summary describing how VEX had an influence in my life.
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What VEX Means to Me


This is my essay for this competition. :)
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VEX Robotics


VEX Robotics has had a huge effect on my life. It has given me so many opportunities and options for the future.
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How Vex Changed my Perspective


This a short essay how Vex changed my perspective on how ingenuity in robotics can relate to ingenuity in all fields.
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Vex Inspiration


How VEX inspired me.
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Unrivalled Challenge


Essay relating how VEX was one of the greatest challenges and surpassed many other difficult things I have done.
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The Robotics is beyond the force technique of the...


History of that it saw the robotics to change its conception on the life of the people
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More Than a Robot


When VEX stops being a robotics competition, and becomes the learning experience that lasts a lifetime.
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Heart of Steel


VEX essay entry from Team 1899 - Interlake Saints Robotics, Bellevue, WA
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