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Vex, My Team and Me


Entry ID #: 95
Created: Fri, Mar 5, 2010 9:00 PM

Vex was a new robotics system that I was introduced to at a Bellarmine summer camp. Since then I have bought a Vex set and set it to work. My friend and I have used it in competitions. We won the excellence award at a competition in Ceres. We also qualified for The Vex World Championships held at Dallas, Texas, and The Championship of the Americas held at Omaha, Nebraska. Apart from this we also advanced to the semifinals at Bellarmine competition. My participation at the summer camp also got me a recommendation from the robotics head coach. If I wasn't interested in Vex, then I would not have received that recommendation. Vex has introduced me to complex ideas. I learned the limitations of gear ratios. I learned how to program. I learned how to construct a robot using essential ideas such as center of gravity, the rules of physics, and such principles. It has induced me to think, and innovate. Apart from the wheelchair assister, I have also built a stair climber, a robot to clean up a room, and I have aspirations for a robot that could easily crack an egg which is mechanically a tricky problem to solve. Vex has influenced me so much that I might want to be a hardware engineer and work on robotic products to help the society. Vex has influenced and taught me to achieve success in anything mechanical.

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