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Game Boy Advance


Entry ID #: 1934
Created: Thu, Dec 10, 2015 8:14 AM

Texas Instruments Electronics Online Challenge   The deconstructed was a Game Boy Advance (GBA) made by Nintendo. It was chosen because it was no longer functional.   The first major obstacle was getting the screws out of the device. They were shaped like a three-pointed star, so in order to remove them, they had to be drilled out. Once the back shell was separated from the device, all there was left to do is to remove the screws that bound the motherboard to the front shell. At this point, all of the components have been exposed and can begin identifying the key ones:   A/F: Shoulder buttons used for gameplay   B: AGB-REG_IR3E08N - LCD screen regulator   C: CPU_AGB_A_ARM_022_I - Processor, the “heart” of the GBA, controls all input and output   D: Link_Connector - Used to connect to other GBAs   E: 82D12160_10FN_0214_M05V - SRAM, volatile temporary storage used for quick access to game elements   G: Battery_Connector - GBA needs 2 AA batteries (3V) to function H: Speaker - Audio feedback   I: Off/On_Toggle_Switch: Turns GBA on/off J: Headphone_Jack: Allows audio output to headphones   K: Audio_Potentiometer: Controls loudness of the sound   L: 219_514X - Dual-Switching Regulator, regulates battery voltage   M: Cartridge_Slot - Allows insertion of game cartridges   N: AMP_AGB_IR3R60N_0221 - Audio amplifier, increases loudness of sound   O: Screen_Slot - Connects to the LCD   QPWBH2218TPZZ (Not pictured) - LCD, Provides video feedback   The exposed copper on the first picture are for contact with a membrane which are used for buttons. The buttons allow versatile user input on the GBA.   Overall, for such a complex piece of machinery, the number of components for it to function was lower than expected. There were only a few chips needed for each component of gameplay it was designed for. Unfortunately, none of the chips were made by Texas Instruments.


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