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Headphone report


Entry ID #: 2023
Created: Thu, Jan 7, 2016 6:19 PM

HeadPhones Deconstruction Report by : Team 7700G Rolling Robots, Glendale 1. Plastic cone with copper coil 2.Magnet 3.Magnet holder 4.Wire and electronics We chose to deconstruct HeadPhones because it’s one of the only things we have, we wanted to discover the way that it produces sound. The magnet and coil vibrates the plastic / paper cone which produce the sound. There are two wires that carry electrical signals to and from the magnets and coil from the device to the earpiece. The coil becomes an electromagnet when electric current flows through it. The coil and the permanent magnet repel or attract each other. The permanent magnet is stationary, but the coil has room to slightly vibrate creating sound using the cone.  The sound created by the magnets travels in the cone and finally into your ear. More electrical current means more vibration and louder sound. The case matters too, if you had no case you would have very little sound or none because there would be no resonance from the air vibrating against the case. The shape of the case also makes a difference because it directs the sound. We deconstructed one with a plastic case. We learned about electromagnets, sound, and of course headphones


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