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Hexbug Nano TI Electronics Online Challenge


Entry ID #: 2108
Created: Sun, Jan 10, 2016 9:14 PM

 Hexbug Nano       I decided to take apart the Hexbug Nano because I really enjoy playing with all of the Hexbug components. I also thought it would be pretty hard to take apart and then name the parts afterward. Once I fully took apart the Hexbug  I realized that the Hexbug  is not a Texas Instrument product. I was pleased to finish because I worked  hard to take the Hexbug apart, after I took it apart I managed to put it together and have it still working.       The parts in the Hexbug Nano are: -1.5 v Button battery -Flexible rubber legs -Motor to move -Asymmetrical metal disk -Switch to turn on and off -Cartage for the battery  -Plastic cover so the battery won't fall out -Hard plastic cover for motor and body of the bug How the Hexbug Nano works: The battery powers the motor. The motor spins an  asymmetrical metal disk. Since the disk is spinning quiet rapidly it vibrates the rigid hard plastic body. The rigid hard plastic body causes the flexible rubber legs to vibrate the bug. The bug is now vibrating so the bug can now  walk.       The process of the taking the bug apart was: I first unscrewed the plastic cover, then I took the  battery out.I barely was able take off the legs and outer body layers but I did. After all of that I had to get the motor out and then I was done taking the Hexbug apart. I learned what is in a Hexbug and it was information so I was happy to take it apart.       While I was taking apart the bug I took a few pictures so you can see what the Hexbug Nano looks like:                


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