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Destroying a TV


Entry ID #: 2255
Created: Tue, Jan 12, 2016 2:03 PM I personally think it's harder to build than destroy and this challenge gave me a break from building robots, since that’s all I do at home, at school, even online. My teacher Mr van Haren let me use an old TV for the challenge which was quite fun. and I learnt about how some tv’s work. I found the shape and colours of the parts quite interesting. Circuit Board -I found 3 circuit boards .One was about 2 centimeters wide, 1 centimeter long and 3 millimeters high. While another was about 4 centimeters wide, 20 centimeters long and a millimeter high. The third was 10 centimeters wide 15 centimeters long and 4 millimeters high. TV case- The tv case was made from to parts and together they were about 40 centimeters long, 55 centimeters wide and 8 centimeters high. SCREEN- The screen was about 20 centimeters long, 30 centimeters wide and a centimeter high. SPEAKERS-  Their were 2 speakers both shared a split wire When I opened the tv I cut one of the wires on one speaker. The speakers were about 18 centimeters wide, 5 centimeters long and 2 centimeters high. All in all destroying a tv was quite fun!!  


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