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Canon Camera Disected


Entry ID #: 2310
Created: Tue, Jan 12, 2016 5:24 PM

I selected a Canon Camera. I did not chose this piece of fine electronic, but when I first read about this challenge and talk to my robotics club mentor, Mr. Peter Erbland, he had a broken Canon camera that he gave to me for this challenge. When I took this camera apart, I found I major circuit board, which contains most of the parts I talk about in this report and found a LCD display, which can also be seen without opening up the camera. I couldn’t figure out the manufacturer of the LCD display because it didn’t have a model number on it. The LCD display serves major functions in newer cameras. The LCD display lets us see what the picture is going to look like before we actually take the shot, it helps us see if the camera is focus and if everything fits into the frame. It also lets us see the picture taken instantaneously, we know longer have to wait for the picture to be developed. Another major part in the camera is a CPU, this is located directly onto the circuit board. The CPU Is a DIGIC CK4 – 1315. The camera won’t be able to function without a CPU. The CPU controls everything in the camera. If you press a button to zoom in or out, the CPU will receive a signal from the button and send another signal to mechanism that will zoom in and out. This Canon camera didn’t contain any Texas Instruments components. I learned a lot about how the camera works. For example, this model uses a spring to help it zoom in and out.                                              


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