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Destroying a computer


Entry ID #: 2553
Created: Wed, Jan 13, 2016 2:45 AM

Destroying a Computer by Tim Coulson   There was a challenge to take apart some sort of technology so I chose to do a computer luckily we didn't need to rebuild it.   I am not the best with technology I don't know lots of parts in a computer but here are my results.   Fan This fan is used to cool down the computer.   It looks similar to a fan that cools a human down.   It is important not to let the computer get too hot as it can affect the processor and hard drive.   CD I removed the CD drive unit this is where the CD goes into. The CD can be used for up loading programs and data or downloading documents or data.   CD = a disk full of information that programs or saves data.   Motherboard The motherboard controls the computer and tells it what to do. It is the main printed circuit board found in computers. It is the communication center to the main parts. The other bits that can be attached to it are sound cards, video cards, network cards or hard drives.   Hard Drive   I took off screws looking at how it worked. I found some strong magnets in it and an arm over the disk.  I think the arm is probably what writes and reads the data to the disk.     Conclusion:   This has been an exciting study of the inside of a computer.  I have learnt about parts of the operating system and was surprised at how many parts there are of the computer.   I hope to further my learning and understanding of computers  in the future.   Thank you for reading my learning.


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