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Chi Hair Straightener


Entry ID #: 2700
Created: Wed, Jan 13, 2016 10:10 AM

Texas Instruments Electronics Online Challenge By: Emma Carroll Device selected to deconstruct: Chi flat iron Recently my Chi flat iron started to spark and smoke in the outlet. I tried to return it but it would cost more to repair then to replace. So I thought well if I cannot return it why not just take it apart! Capacitor: Stores electricity temporarily Resistors: Implements electric movement Transistor: Is a semi-conductor that has the connection  Zener Diode: Allows current to flow backward and forward Integrated Circuit: A chip made out of semi-conductor material Switch: Turns things on and off LED: A light emitting diode Veristor: Has electronic resistance that varies   I learned how to take apart certain things and how to tell certain components apart.                


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