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The Galaxy S


Entry ID #: 2740
Created: Wed, Jan 13, 2016 10:52 AM

I decided to take apart a Galaxy S from Sprint. I choose to take apart this cell phone because it had a touch screen and a sliding keyboard. I was interested in the mechanisms that made it work. Upon opening the back of the phone I found a lithium battery and and plastic casing that protect the motherboard and other mechanisms. I set to taking off all of the screws and plastic cover. Underneath I found the motherboard was attached to the camera, flash, sliding mechanisms, aux port, and buttons. The mother board was connected to these pieces through thin white wires or flat wire that had attachment pieces. I found the components worked together in an intricate system of signals. The buttons, aux port or camera was used than the signal was sent though the wires to the mother board where it would compute the information and complete the action the user was wanting The mother board was the brain of the operation, other components where the organs and the wires were the veins.. None of the pieces I found were Texas Instrument pieces but I learned the relationship between the components and the user of the cell phone. I learned that for one job to work the components had to work together to complete it.


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