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4154B English to Spanish Translator


Entry ID #: 1939
Created: Fri, Dec 11, 2015 9:52 AM

The project was designed to utilize Vex Robotics parts to create a robot that would help in the teaching field. We decided to move away from the usual math, science, and technology field, to Language Arts.We built an English to Spanish translator in which would aid the Spanish learning process, by allowing for new to Spanish students to get a hang of Spanish termonology. We utilized 12 bumper switches to create a keyboard, as 1 button would represent 3 letters, like the old flip phones. We used a Vex LCD Screen to display the english as well as the spanish translation.  Please Refer to our video of the Keyboard in action:


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Links / Videos

A video of our translator in action with teacher Senor Rios


   Team9807B on 12/23/2015

That is really amazing! Great job with it! It looks like you are resetting the cortex every time you put in a new word, is there a way you could use something that isn't on the cortex to reset it? I see you have 12 bumper switches, but possibly something like covering a light sensor? Otherwise, great job!