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Battle Simulation Robot


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Created: Tue, Jan 12, 2016 8:41 PM

This robot was designed to show how battles were fought and the movement of troops during them. Although, we only show land battles, the robot can stimulate battles at sea as well. It works best to display scenarios in which there is a large amount ground being gained or lost. Banisters on each of the robots allows for images be displayed and switched out to show the leaders and troops who fought. We decided to do this to help teachers by supplying them with a visual aid to show students. It aids many students to have it to played out, opposed to only seeing static images. In our video, we decided to show how the robot could be used in a classroom scenario, moved while a teacher educates students about the battle.  


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Our video, narrated by Mr. Wilmot. Subtitles are available.


   chemicalcoal1 on 01/19/2016

I could totally see this being used in a history class