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Team 594A Anatomical Arm


Entry ID #: 2626
Created: Wed, Jan 13, 2016 8:27 AM

Team 569A wanted to design a robot to assist in providing moving visuals to help students better grasp the different concepts of the anatomical structure of the human arm: variety of joints in the arm, the different axes of movement in each joint, and the way that tendons and muscles interact in order to create movement. By incorporating individual phalanges, gears, motors, and string, we were able to replicate the constriction of muscles and tendons and simulate the types of movement in the arm such as flexion, extension, pronation, and supination of the wrist, elbow, and fingers. By providing this moving visual aid to the class the student will be able to better understand the individual function of each movement and how they all play together to make daily life possible.


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Links / Videos

Our youtube video goes through the different types of joints, wrist movements, hand movements.