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Vex Resistor


Entry ID #: 2074
Created: Sun, Jan 10, 2016 11:35 AM

Vex resistor is played in a 12 foot by 12 foot field covered by foam tiles, the field is divided in 4 sections by four  15inches heigh barries, there is a total of 42 color balls, a set of them are placed on 8 ball holders, and 6 of them on the foam tiles. Vex resistor uses the resistor color code as STEM principle for scoring points, where each color has a value, each team has two empty resistors and they should fill each one with 3 colors and a score a multiplier at the top of them.


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Game Video


   Filadelico on 01/18/2016

@Toss_bosses thanks for your comment, I got some issues while rendering , mostly not enough time, there are a lot of things to improve for my next animation, after publishing it a team member noticed me about " the greatest 3 minutes of animation" issue, but what I wanted was just to look like nothing but net reveal, that was the main idea about my animation, again thanks and good luck for ur team on all ur entries and also on nbn season, I liked the laser reflection and diffraction idea on ur challenge. See u at worlds

   TOSS_BOSSES on 01/18/2016

Nice concept with the resistor band colours :) It looks like a very accessible game that’s easy to pick up and compete in once you’ve remembered and practised calculating the scores from different colours, and the variety of heights for the containers for the balls gives a good range of targets allowing for teams to develop their robots as they become more experienced with the game. The VEX arena surroundings look good and I think they’re definitely an improvement on your entry from last year which went for a similar sort of setting. All the materials on the field and the animation as a whole work well, but one thing I think that would make the video look better is having a consistently high frame rate throughout the animation, because in places (especially during the demo match like around 2:10), the video jumps between frames with a noticeable gap that makes the animation look less smooth. Good luck! (Btw, putting ‘Greatest 3 minutes in animation’ at the start of the video could seem a bit arrogant to some people :D)