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Entry ID #: 2123
Created: Mon, Jan 11, 2016 8:30 AM

Butterfly// This is our fourth game design animation The Toss Bosses Produced by Leon B.


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   TOSS_BOSSES on 01/18/2016

@pickpocket ‘That animation is near flawless. It's just a bit hard to understand the game.’ Thanks :) Tbh, my main focus was the style of animation over the game itself, so I knew from the start that the game would be a bit more difficult to follow in the end, but in retrospect maybe I could’ve put a bit more emphasis on the point scoring section with the lasers hitting the target for points. @cody ‘Build a clear concise message, not some drug induced VFX rampage.’ I found that quote in particular kinda funny from my perspective, because the ‘clear concise message’ I wanted to get across from the start was a ‘drug induced VFX rampage’, and so in that sense I’ve succeeded in both simultaneously :P ‘I couldn't even tell you what your game is about after watching the video twice.’ As I briefly mentioned to @pickpocket, my main focus was not making a clear game design, it was making an animation that I enjoyed making and I can enjoy watching back. As a competition entry and as a clear game design, yeah, it’s definitely not the best at that even though all the information’s in there (somewhere :D), but as a raw animation I’m happier with it and enjoyed making it more than any of the game design entries that I’ve done over the last few years, even though they were much clearer game design animations. ‘Wow much trippy. Not sure that helped you here. None of your materials fit, nor do the effects.’ As before, it was intended to be ‘much trippy’ so I’m taking that as a compliment :) The effects were chosen for that purpose (I was hoping a VEX field turning into a disco floor with a green spinning tile dissolving into a laser beam which then splits into two halves of a field would’ve made it clear that that was my intention :D) The only part where I’m not sure what in particular you’re referring to is saying that the materials don’t fit because personally I think they look alright throughout within each the context they’re used (disco floor glows like a disco floor, lasers look like lasers, foam tiles aren’t shiny etc.) The only material I’ve made to look out of place to fit in with the theme was probably the oscillating green cloud-like material underneath the field during the demo match, so if you could clarify your comment on ‘none of the materials’ fitting I would be grateful. Thanks for the comments, if anyone wants to, feel free to add more and I’ll try to respond quickly :)