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Build N' Destroy


Entry ID #: 2193
Created: Mon, Jan 11, 2016 10:48 PM

Build N' Destroy is a game where robots build towers with cubes to score points, the higher the blocks the more points its worth. With a 20 second autonomous 100 second driver control its a fun competition with a twist... you can double your points with the bonus cube, but then the other team can knock down your tower. the competitors need to know basic physics in order to make tall towers that dont fall over. Its simple but difficult at the same time and can be played by all ages Link:


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   TOSS_BOSSES on 01/18/2016

I like the variety in materials in this animation with the raised platform and the metal diamond plating on the field tiles (even though you say they’re foam tiles in the narration :P). The animation as a whole is very detailed and looks good, especially with the 18” cube part which looked nice. Also, it’s definitely and improvement on your entry from last year and the graphics from Blender look a lot better than the Minecraft style you used last year. However, I’m not that keen on the levitating robot with the anti-gravity motors, because I’ve seen it in some other animations from previous years as well and it makes me think that if it’s not possible to create and animate a robot that can drive onto something (in this case a tower of blocks) in CGI, how is it going to be done in a real competition where it’s a bit more difficult to break the laws of physics? The rest of the game design looks interesting though as it’s got more rules to it than just stacking cubes with more points for higher towers, with the chamfered edges adding complexity to it. Good luck!