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Team 7800 game design animation


Entry ID #: 2268
Created: Tue, Jan 12, 2016 2:53 PM

Team 7800 (Mechanical Magpies) is a high-school robotics team from St. Colman's Community College. We designed this game animation using Adobe Flash. We give students opportunities to experience real-world engineering through competitive robotics and work to spread appreciation of STEM in our community. This is our submission for the VEX® Game Design Animation Challenge.


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Team 7800 game design animation


   TOSS_BOSSES on 01/18/2016

So, you’ve got XBOX, Pokemon with VEX robots superimposed on the screen, and a bowl of spaghetti all in one minute… Kudos :) Even though it took a few views to get what it was about, I like the game concept of building fast robots that can get round the track, pick stuff up and drop objects off as fast as possible. It’s a nice variation compared to most official games which never really need robots to drive really quickly and the focus is all on picking stuff up. The animation itself is fun to watch with the speed at which it gets through everything and the slightly random stuff throughout, and the Flash animation style works well at getting all the content into the animation whilst still looking smooth and sort of relaxed in style at the same time. It’s (very) confusing how the game is played in its entirety, so some sort of demo match would be good, and if the animation was a bit slower and more detailed it would be a lot clearer how the game was played. Overall, as an animation to show a game design, it’s not that clear and could do with a lot more detail, but as an entertaining 51 seconds of video, it works in my opinion Good luck!