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Opposing Forces


Entry ID #: 2508
Created: Wed, Jan 13, 2016 12:26 AM

VEX Robotics Game Animation Challenge Submission game ‘Opposing Forces’ presented by Team 985, Mary Our Queen Robotics from Omaha, Nebraska.  ‘Opposing Forces’ highlights Newton’s Three Laws of Motion in action.  Newton’s Laws of Motion form the basis for how objects react and move after forces are applied to them.


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Opposing Forces - 2016 VRC Game Animation Challenge


   moqrobotics985e on 02/04/2016

It was fun building the game and coming up with ideas. We put in a lot of time building the set, taking hundreds of pictures and animating everything. We learned a lot as it all came together. Thank you for the compliments.

   TOSS_BOSSES on 01/18/2016

I’d like to watch this game because with a more or less empty field and loads of scoring objects it would probably become very chaotic very quickly :) The stop-motion animation looks well produced with the fixed camera angle and a relatively high frame rate for stop-motion which makes everything seem to move very smoothly. Also, I like the colouring highlights when everything dips to greyscale apart from the parts of the field that are being focussed on which remain in colour, making the game seem a lot clearer (although it could be improved slightly in parts where the highlights could be kept a bit neater such as where the robots are being highlighted). As before, the game itself looks like it would be fun to watch, and it would test robots’ abilities to move objects of different mass, but it could be better if there was a bit more variety in how the robots are tested, rather than only needing robots to be able to push the pucks across the field (maybe something to test the robots’ lifting abilities or something like that), which would make the game interesting for longer throughout the season. Good luck!