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VEX EDR Challenge


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Created: Wed, Jan 13, 2016 1:07 AM

This is a special challenge that mixes programming challenge and remote control challenge.


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This is a special challenge that mixes programming challenge and remote control challenge.


   TOSS_BOSSES on 01/18/2016

The production on this video looks nice with the different ways in which the text moves around describing the match and the different tasks that the robots have to complete to get more points. However, even though it looks good, the online challenge is meant to be for people to animate their game designs rather than build the field and film it (one of the requirements is that ‘the video must not be live action’), so even though the video looks good, that probably won’t be reflected in the votes and the judging process because it isn’t an animation. I like the game itself as it tests the teams’ skills at programming the robot throughout the course with the various obstacles and ramps which would be easy to manually drive through, but are a lot more difficult for a pre-programmed robot to navigate. Reusing the Skyrise scoring pieces at the end of the match for the driver control part of the game is a good test of robots’ lifting skills but adding the ramp in between loading the sections into the robot and scoring them in the holder probably won’t be much of a challenge for robots that have already passed through the course and can climb up ramps. Good luck!