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VRC Game Design Animation Challenge

Create an animated video that shows and explains a new VEX Robotics Competition game. 


Tunnel Vision


This is an animation about a new vex robotics game where you have to shoot balls assigned to that alliance through portholes into two goals assigned to your alliance. This uses the mathematical principle of trigonometry in order to properly score the balls through 'portholes' in walls.

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Golf Galore


Use math and angles to succeed in this new golfing game for VEX! Bounce the balls off the walls to get a hole in one!

Youtube Link:

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Vex Resistor


Vex resistor is played in a 12 foot by 12 foot field covered by foam tiles, the field is divided in 4 sections by four  15inches heigh barries, there is a total of 42 color balls, a set of them are placed on 8 ball holders, and 6 of them on the foam tiles.

Vex resistor uses the resistor color code as STEM principle for scoring points, where each color has a value, each team has two empty resistors and they should fill each one with 3 colors and a score a multiplier at the top of them.

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Jewel Jackpot


Jewel Jackpot is an exciting game and challenge because the unique game pieces are not spheres or cubes. The robot designer needs to use physics and geometry in order to design a robot that can navigate the field and manipulate the game pieces.

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Ultimate Frisbee


In this VEX Challenge, teams will be challenged with desiging robots that will not only have to shoots disks through the wall at the correct angle, but also catch and score the disks on the other side of the wall.  

Three points will be awarded for successfully catching a disk, and one point for plaing the disk in the goal. Three points will be deducted if robots drive into the black zone.

Angles and force will be the big factors that will determine a team's ability to do well in this challenge.  Teams will need to determine the best angle to launch their...




This is our fourth game design animation

The Toss Bosses

Produced by Leon B.

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Wingus or Dingus

MASS MAYHEM is a fast paced ball scoring game with a twist. Balls score points but also have varying masses making it very strategic factoring in ball count, distribution and goal capacity. We had loads of fun designing this VRC game then watching it come to life in 3ds MAX. Our goal was to balance strategy, playability and STEM concepts whilst still making a great game for all skill levels.

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A game involving the Turvy Pole, a tall pole in the center of the field with two scoring platforms.  When a tube is scored on one of the platforms, the weight of the tube will push the platform down, and the other will rise.

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Build N' Destroy

Build N' Destroy is a game where robots build towers with cubes to score points, the higher the blocks the more points its worth. With a 20 second autonomous 100 second driver control its a fun competition with a twist... you can double your points with the bonus cube, but then the other team can knock down your tower. the competitors need to know basic physics in order to make tall towers that dont fall over. Its simple but difficult at the same time and can be played by all ages


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