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VRC Game Design Animation Challenge

Create an animated video that shows and explains a new VEX Robotics Competition game. 



Balloon Defense


Our game design is called Balloon Defense.  Can you build a robot to pop a balloon while you defend your ballons?

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3 Pointer, a VEX Robotics competition game.


This video shows our entry showing an animated video explaining a new VEX Robotics Competition game called 3 Pointer.  

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Capture The Flag


A challenge that involves completing various stages to reach the final goal.  Roll! the ball into the cylinder for the switch to activate Gate 1.  Travel up the ramp to the elevated platform to Solve! the math fact on the keypad to open Gate 2.  Capture! the flag on the bridge to return to home.  Fight! watch out for the opponent's sword that can activate the mandatory exposed touch sensor.  Win!

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Vex Barricade is a game about blocking off possible paths and scoring opportunities with rails. And of course scoring as much as you possibly can.

We're a grade 9 & 10 team from BC, Canada. One of our main objectives when designing this game was to have it be something that we would want to compete in.

(Sorry about that test mark at the start, youtube should be currently editing that out)

The Game:

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