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VEX IQ Challenge Promote Award

This is your big chance to tell us how great your team is! Be creative and have fun making a video which shows one or more of these parts of building VEX IQ Challenge robots:

  • Why other youth would love building robots and should start a team or join your team
  • What your team does
  • How you design and build your robot
  • What you learn from the VEX IQ Challenge

You will see the rules for the challenge below, but the most important thing is to get people excited about what your team does!





The Farmington High School Robotics Team was a club last year. It was our first year building with the VEX Robotics parts, we were all super excited! We had many ideas on how to tackle the building for the competition, but we just couldn't seem to make the parts fit the way we needed them to. It was a struggle from building with LEGO MIndstorms to go into building with the VEX parts. With only three people on the team, and with only meeting 2 days a week after school, we didn't get much done. So we went off of the original Clawbot design provided in the instructions, we made our...

Why do we love Vex Iq?


The video shows all the things that we have learned in Vex Iq. Of course is about mathematics, science and technology but for us is more. Its about leadership, problem solving, decision making, team work, building our self-esteem, been known in our school community as the "robotics kids". Through the years we have built a strong friendship. We hope you can see that in our video. Been in VEX IQ means a lot stress but it also mean FUN, FUN AND MORE FUN. We hope you enjoy it, as much as we did while doing it!

IJ Holton Video


This is from IJ Holton Intermediate School in Austin, Minnesota.  We will do our best in this IQ challenge and hope we will make it to worlds.

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C.E. Hanna's Robo Fabulous


We are doing the VEX IQ Promotion Challange to explain our Robotics team and what we do to make our robot. We are also going to list some reasons why people should want to join our robotics team (Robo Fabulous). 

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The next storm team Yuanling primary school


Hello, everybody! We are Next Storm!

We are the robot society from Yuanling Primary School which was founded in 2011.

We have the most excellent teachers’ team and fraternal members.

We united as one to resolve the problems. We also have the tradition to help each other any time.

We are doing the robot design, assembling, programming and debugging together.

We experience interest in challenging difficulties, surpassing ourselves and cooperation with each other.

We discuss here, we study here

We discuss here, we do...






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Team 4422A's VEX IQ Promote Video


The promote video for Island Pacific Academy Navigator Robotics VEX IQ team 4422A. This video shows parts of the VEX IQ competition, and was filmed at the event our school hosted

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Team 3333S - Stingers Promote Video


This is the Promote Video of Bumble Bees Team 3333S - The Stingers.  

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3333J UnBeeliveable - Promote Video


This is the promote video for team 3333J "UnBeeliveable", part of the Bumble Bees VEX IQ robotics program at Notre Dame Marist Academy in Pontiac, Michigan.


Oops...  This video was entered twice, but I don't see a way of deleting the entire entry.   Here is a link to the other duplicate entry:


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3333K Robotic Royals - Promote Video


This is the promote video for team 3333K "Robotic Royals".

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3333A Robo-Raptors - Promote Video


This is the promote video for team 3333A "Robo-Raptors", part of the Bumble Bees VEX IQ robotics program at Notre Dame Marist Academy in Pontiac, Michigan.

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"Dumpling makes a friend"


VEX IQ Team Promote Video
The Sandpiper Fat Pandas -Team #2014
Andrew Lum
Andrew Ynes
Daniela Colaizzi
Keira Leong
Tyler Tirsell
Zack Taylor
Robot: Dumpling
Bank Shot 2015-16
Music: "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves

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Team 3333X Panda Builders - Promote Video


This is the promote video for Team 3333X - Panda Builders

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SPC Bots Promotional Video


This is our video that we made. In the background are our robots Evaristus, Sixtus, Pope and James

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3333P - Bear-Ritos - Promote Video


This is the Promote Video of Team 3333P - The Bear-Ritos.  

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Team 3333V - The Vipers - Promote Video


This is the Promote Video of Bumble Bees Team 3333V - The Vipers  

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Working to Win (and Have Fun!)


This video clip gives a few tips and suggstions that the Robocougars have learned to create a successful team.

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3333T - Team STAR - Promote Video


This is the Promote Video of Bumble Bees 3333T - Team STAR. 

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Oxford Droids


It is a video on our team and some things we have done. It cotains a video of a few students talking and pictures.

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VEX IQ 6403Z Promo


This is a stop motion video created by our elementary students to promote robotics and their robot.

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VEX IQ Robot


This is a video of a robot we made in robotics class. We programmed using robotc graphics, then we build the robot and made the video

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Girls Rock Robots!


For the Vex IQ Promote video, the Catherine and Sara wanted break down stereotypes and get other girls excited about building and competing with Vex Robots in the 2016 Vex IQ Challenge, Bankshot.

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Promoting VEX IQ!


Closed captioning available!

VEX IQ Team 359a believes that robotics is formed around three words: teamwork, commitment, and responsibility. As a team we have worked and overcome many obstacles together. Our...

Promote Video


This is our video about promoting STEM education through The VEX IQ program and how we inspired other kids in the community.

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Come Craft With Us! 10016S RoboCrafters VEX IQ...


This is our promotional video of our team, the RoboCrafters(10016S). Our team is made up of brothers Logan and Lucas Parlato and was started in 2014. We live in Leesburg, FL.

Competing through the Vex IQ challenges have taught us many things, most importantly, sportsmanship and how to get along with each other. 

This video highlights our past season as well as our current season. We have been working with a local robotics club that just started as well as an elementary school to share our experiences and help them improve their designs. 

We also...

Men In Black - Team 144


Our team wanted to attract media attention to robotics; so we decided to demonstrate to the world that not only is robotics exciting, fun and a "ton" of learning; but also its a "class act"!  Most teams express themselves by wearing very cool T shirts, but we decided to be different and dress in a way that was a bit more professional, yet still cool! We want to communicate that our robotics team is all about uppromoting robotics to help serve, protect and defend the world! Weather it be men, women or even alien, robotics is for...

"...Not This Time"


8th grade Robocougars share why they enjoy being part of a robotics team.

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Team 359B VEXIQ Promote Award


We are from a small town in Hawaii called Waialua.  Through our experiences we learned to collaborate with other teams at competitions.  We've learned how to talk to judges at our competitions.  We've helped out in our school's community events, like Surf Sample Sale, where we raised $113 for Shriner Hospital's neuroprosthetic program.  We learned to use a 3D printer and assemble the things we printed.  We learned how to program, research, build and drive....

VEX IQ Challenge


This is an interesting VEX IQ challenge.

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Our Robotics Team


This vedio shows our team's activity -- build robot, conduct team pratice, attend meetings, doing STEM project and have fun in the competitions. We have done a lot and we have learned a lot. Great program!

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Our VEX IQ Experience


We wanted to share some of our experiences while participating in the VEX IQ Challenge.  We also wanted to share what we do and how it felt.

We hope you enjoy our 2016 VEX IQ Promote Video.  Filming it was a lot of fun, but our backs hurt from sitting staight up in one place so long.

Thank you,

H.S. Robotics Team 59 

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Gear Gals


Our Vex iq Promote Video!

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Team OverDrive


This is our promote video for the 2016 Online Challenge.


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