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Created: Wed, Sep 16, 2015 2:03 PM

The Farmington High School Robotics Team was a club last year. It was our first year building with the VEX Robotics parts, we were all super excited! We had many ideas on how to tackle the building for the competition, but we just couldn't seem to make the parts fit the way we needed them to. It was a struggle from building with LEGO MIndstorms to go into building with the VEX parts. With only three people on the team, and with only meeting 2 days a week after school, we didn't get much done. So we went off of the original Clawbot design provided in the instructions, we made our own improvements of course.  When the time came, we went to the VEX competition at UNM in April of last year. We spent all night trying to get our robot put together. We had named him ugly because we believed that he was going to be the ugliest robot at the competition, and he was.  Come to find out when we actually got to the competition, Ugly didn;t meet the requirements for the competition. Good thing we showed up a bit early because we spent about an hour and a half just trying to figure out a functional way our robot could be accepted. After altering our whole plan, we made it just in time.  We believed that we were not going to make it very far, we were just there to build the experience that we needed because we were beyond not prepaired for it. Little did we know that we would actually make it to the semi-finals! We were stoked to make it this far in the competition, and we had a blast.  At the awards ceremony, we had also recieved the sportsmanship trophy because during the Skyrise battles, a cube got stuck on our opponent's wheel. We wanted to play fair so we tried to help pry the block off of their robot. We were incredibly proud of what we had done last year that we had changed the club at our school to an actual class for high school credit. What student wouldn't want to build and learn about robots during school?  Now that we have some practice in building with the VEX parts, this years team will rock with the help of all the students. :) 


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