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4322A Bahrainotics VEX Promote Award 2016


Entry ID #: 2557
Created: Wed, Jan 13, 2016 3:00 AM

This video was made by Bahrainotics team, 4322A, from Khawla Secondary Girls' School, Kingdom of Bahrain. This is our second year participating in VEX robotics, and in our past promote video, we introduced what VEX was as a definition with no experience, so this time we thought of showcasing another part of VEX. We wanted to show that VEX is not only a competition but also a way of learning. The fact that VEX help us to apply what we learn in school and use it in real life, and that education is not only by words, but it can be turned into action. Also, that there is more to VEX than just building robots, it's about building yourself, new relationships and enhancing old skills while developing new ones as well! In addition, this video will also be used to present what VEX is to the students in our country, Bahrain, and we wanted to show them that it is possible to have fun while learning and inspire them to participate so that we can all learn and so that the youth can unlock a better future that is filled with innovation and technology for our society. So here's the video that we produced to promote VEX not only as a competition, and hopefully this video will spread creativity and innovation, and inspire the world to join and compete, and encourage every person to reach their potential in this field. Hope you guys enjoy it and thank you for watching!


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