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RECF STEM Educational Video

Create a video to teach a new team something about the creation and management of an effective team STEM process that can help them better prepare for competition. You should come up with your own idea, but here are some sample ideas from previous years’ Educational Videos:

  • How to analyze an engineering game or challenge to create an optimal strategy
  • How to build an effective team
  • How to test a mechanisms
  • What kind of engineering process works best, and how to document it


Engineer's Guide on How to Create an Effective...

Ian Clavio

This video was made by Nerd Herd's Team 687D. The Nerd Herd goes to the California Academy of Mathematics and Science (CAMS), a public magnet high school in Carson, CA. The video teaches new VEX Robotics teams about the basic steps in a Design Process. The design process is really helpful in the field of engineering because it is effective for creating and managing a team STEM process that can help students prepare for competition. As if students are creating a road to success. In the video, students (I referenced them as "engineers") will use this guide to learn how to...


Team 5297C online challenge


This is a STEM educational video on how to successfully build a team at a Robotics Competitions.


Link for video:


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1410L entry, "6 tips on preparing for a...

here is our entry:

Software used:
Video Editing and animation: Blender3d 2.76
Audio Mix: Ardour / Audacity
Icons: GIMP / Inkscape
encoding: Openshot

"World War P" by Infl8

Sound effects:

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2918 GCEC Vex Instructional Video


In this video we showcase some tips for new students in the VEX Robotics Porgram

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Team 4442X's Guide On How To Make An Amazing...


Island Pacific Academy Navigator Robotics Team 4442X's submission for the RECF STEM Educational Video Award 2015-16 (Online Challenge). This video is about how to document the engineering design process in an engineering notebook using the international baccalaureate design cycle.

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How to Run a Successful Robotics Corporation

The future of robotics is in enterpreneurship.  Team 918V Quirk uses the processes of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to help others create and run a successful corporation off of which they can create a business.  There is no better time than now to learn about the business world so that we can pave a path for our future employment.  The future is now.  This is "How to Run a Successful Robotics Corporation."


Our video can be found here:

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How do you run an Effective Team?

   This video was made by the Comebacx, team number 918X. We attend Hyde Park MS. in Las Vegas, Nevada. This video focuses on how to run an effective team. We focus on the management of an effective team and the organization of a team. We are the next generation and I guarantee you, you will be impressed.


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How To Effectively Plan Out Your VEX Robot


This video is jam-packed with facts and clear descriptions on how to plan out a VEX robot. Included in this video is the following:

- 5 steps on planning out a succesful robot

- detailed explanation on the 5 steps to give you a clear idea of what to do


Link to the video:

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Team 1138's Guide to Tournament Conduct


Tournament conduct is one of the most important factors in winning awards, including the Sportsmanship award, and the Excellence Award. With our video we hope to educate teams about the proper way to conduct themselves at tournaments. 

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4 Steps to Proper Testing

985E RoboDragons explain the 4 Steps to properly testing changes you make to your VEX robot.

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