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Using 2D Models to Design Lifts


Entry ID #: 2105
Created: Sun, Jan 10, 2016 8:39 PM

This video shows VEX IQ teams a simple way of designing a lift or linkage using two dimensional modeling on the VEX IQ field.  This is a good way to work out the geometry and movement of a lift without having the build the entire robot, and without knowing how to use CAD.  Using the approach will speed up the design process and help to quickly and simply prove out concepts and ideas. Team 3333Q first used this approach to design a series of 4 bar linkage lifts for last year's High Rise challenge.  This year we are using it for designing our 'high dumper' and have shown other teams how to design their robot using this approach.


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This video shows VEX IQ teams how to create a two dimensional model of a lifting mechanism for a robot. Having worked out all the geometry in 2D they can use it as a side view 'profile' while building the real lift for the robot. This is the first step in building a 'high dumper' style robot for this year's Bank Shot challenge, but this technique can also be used for 4 & 6 bar linkages.