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8931B RECF educational video


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Created: Wed, Jan 13, 2016 12:32 AM

This video helps younger teams with team building and engineering processes. Our team is always helping our the new teams. Our lead programmer is always helping people at compeetition when something goes wrong. One of our builders always helps out the 8th grade teams with their sketches and designs. Our scout is also the president of our club so she is in charge of a lot of what our club does as a whole. On top of that she prints out scouting sheets from every competion to hand out to not only our teams, but teams from other clubs as well. We wanted to make this video to further help the teams just starting out because we've all been there and it's hard to start up in vex without someone to mentor you.  Video Youtube Link ~8931B V-BOTS TRIFECTA


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