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RECF STEM Educational Video

Create a video to teach a new team something about the creation and management of an effective team STEM process that can help them better prepare for competition. You should come up with your own idea, but here are some sample ideas from previous years’ Educational Videos:

  • How to analyze an engineering game or challenge to create an optimal strategy
  • How to build an effective team
  • How to test a mechanisms
  • What kind of engineering process works best, and how to document it


Team 9571D: The Motor Tester


Does your team struggle when building due to the fact that you haven't programmed your robot yet? Then the motor tester is for you. This tool allows for quick testing of prototypes and mechanisms without the need to constantly add programming.

Link to video:

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A PID Tutorial


This video outlines how to create a PID loop to regulate wheel speed.

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On the Aesthetics and Design of Engineering


This video is meant to educate on how to design a product or machine's aesthetics, according to it's purpose and what message the creator wants to deliver to his/her consumers.

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Theater, Math Club...Robotics?! Oh My!

We are Team 2442A from Bancroft School in Worcester, Massachusetts. We would like to show you how we balance extracurricular activities we participate in with Robotics. Learn our three most useful tips!

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Packing for a Competition


Team 8926, Combined IQ, invites you to view Packing for a Competition, a silent movie that outlines the most important things that each member of a VRC team will need to take with them to a competition. Arriving at a tournament to find that important parts (or even the robot) has been left at home can be unnerving.  Watch this funny clip to learn more about how to help your pit crew chief prepare for your next big event!

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How to deal with conflicts between teammates

The video we created demonstrates how we work successfully as a team, despite not always agreeing with one another.  We have one goal and many different opinions about how to be successful.  We used vignettes to demonstrate communication and how to be effective when communicating a point.  In the end, it is about both collaboration and building consensus in a team.  

youtube link:


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The Perfect Match: Scouting 101

In this video from Bancroft School Team 2442C, the team discusses the importance of scouting and some of the ways in which to effectively scout out other Robots.

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750C STEM Educational Video


Educates other students participating in robotics about the nuances in going to a robotics competition.

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750W Redesigning the Design Process

We found some errors in the general design process and decided to update it to a process that better fits engineers who are building robots. We account for the constant rethinking of strategies and abilities a robot can have during the building process.

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