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Hiatus Before Autonomous


Entry ID #: 1922
Created: Fri, Dec 4, 2015 8:19 PM

This photograph is of our team—Navigator Robotics / Team 4442X—at the UH Manoa robotics competition 2015. It was taken just seconds before the match started, and depicts the hiatus in time between when one sets their robot on the field and when the autonomous period begins. The moment is tense and electrified with intensity, each competitor tries to relax, but their clenched fingers betray them; the field is a blank slate upon which their future—or at least their future for the tournament—shall be written, the task sits dauntingly, and in this lacuna the field is both finite and infinite, it is an empty expanse with the goal the farthest possible distance away—the diagonal of the field, a hypotenuse—but your robot can reach this goal if only you aim and have skill enough to reach it, but not yet. For now you wait—charged with energy.


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   Bek-3018 on 12/07/2015

how did you get your picture up here? I can't figure it out, there is no place to put it anywhere....... :P