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VEX Robotics Photography Challenge

Showcase youth using VEX to explore STEM. Compose a photograph that features one or more students working on a robot, testing, planning or celebrating your VEX team’s accomplishments. Use photography to tell the judges something about your own story of involvement on a competition team, in a classroom, or as a hobbyist working with VEX.


my robot ike


   This is me friend Madison demonstrating how fun it is to build a VEX IQ robot this robot inpaticularly  that she is building is named  Ike.

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Hiatus Before Autonomous


This photograph is of our team—Navigator Robotics / Team 4442X—at the UH Manoa robotics competition 2015. It was taken just seconds before the match started, and depicts the hiatus in time between when one sets their robot on the field and when the autonomous period begins. The moment is tense and electrified with intensity, each competitor tries to relax, but their clenched fingers betray them; the field is a blank slate upon which their future—or at least their future for the tournament—shall be written, the task sits dauntingly, and in this lacuna the field is...

Where is it?


The moment in a tournament when you need that certain tool to fix your robot but can't seem to fid it so you take everything out and go through piece by piece. Taken at the Southern Iowa VEX Qualifier held in Centerville, IA. 



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Respect the VEX


After struggling at the first competition, we made many improvements to our robot. This photo captured a joyous reaction to a finally successful robot. 

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