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VEX Robotics Photography Challenge

Showcase youth using VEX to explore STEM. Compose a photograph that features one or more students working on a robot, testing, planning or celebrating your VEX team’s accomplishments. Use photography to tell the judges something about your own story of involvement on a competition team, in a classroom, or as a hobbyist working with VEX.


RoboDragons Testing Precision


Members of 985E RoboDragons conducting test to improve the precision of their launcher. As they change variables in their launcher they then fire 20 balls, mark where each ball lands and then measure the area the balls fall into. If the area is smaller than the control area, they consider it more precise. Once the precision is improed they will move to the field to measure their accuracy

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254C with the Win!

Bryon Tjanaka (please click link to see our image) After very intense matches at the 5th Annual Central Valley Nothing But Net tournament, 254C came out as champions! This picture shows 254C's members holding up their robot and trophy.

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Taking STEM to New Heights


The students of Team 3309B take a visit to the Endeavour.  Empowered with the knowledge that VEX has given them, these students hope to one day reach this level.

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Troubleshooting Parts


    This picture shows two 1437Z members (Kevin Zhang (left), Vincent Finello (right)) hard at work troubleshooting parts for their VEX robot in Patriot Robotic's Robotics Lab.

    Photograph by:  Weston Bell-Geddes

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Urgent Repairs


This picture shows a driver is quickly fixing the robot right before an elimination round match.

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Shooting Data Collection: Spread


In this picture, a team member is taking shooting data on the spread of 25 balls (white tape markers) hand shot from the distance between a starting tile and the goal at a red dot representing the center of the goal. We took this data and graphed it accordingly to show the spread of the balls as they hit the wall in terms of the red dot in the middle—the deviation.

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VEX Robotics Photo. Challenge 1064U


VEX Robotics Photography Challenge Entry By:1064U

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Testing at the tournament


Troubleshooting...the hardest part of robotics.

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