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VEX Robotics Photography Challenge

Showcase youth using VEX to explore STEM. Compose a photograph that features one or more students working on a robot, testing, planning or celebrating your VEX team’s accomplishments. Use photography to tell the judges something about your own story of involvement on a competition team, in a classroom, or as a hobbyist working with VEX.



Quarterfinal Superstars


This picture was taken on November 14. We were at Vickery Creek Middle for a competition. Our team got to the Quarterfinals and were able to get this photo in before the match.


(See attached)

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Working Hard!


This 9 weeks our connection classes are with our coach, and this allows us to work on our robot. In the picture we are working on the robot in one of his classrooms. We are able to spread out, and we can get a lot done during the periods.

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Facing Obstacles


This photo was taken at the Toledo Coastal VEX Tournament and it shows team 2990A at there lowest, after losing a match that they were sure they would be able to win. They lost the match due to a wire coming unplugged from the brain, crippling their drivetrain. 

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School scrimmage shooting


This is a photo where team 2990a is shooting the full court shot, while team 2990b is shooting the up close shot in the background.

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3946E Photo Challenge Entry


In order to take this picture we covered a VEX ball in LED's and took a long exposure photo of our robot firing a ball. The photo features all aspects of creating a robot, including building, programing, testing, and teamwork. 

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Robot Fixing


Making some changes to the robot as we prepare for another autmonous run. The robot takes constant fixing, since nuts and bolts come loose and then the robot comes apart!  

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Photography Challenge Entry


This picture shows our team as a united group of individuals, proud of the accomplishments we made together, which is shown in the middle of the photo. This effectively shows that robotics is about working as a team, building relationships, and achieving great things.

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Fun Robotics


This was in the New Zealand VEX IQ robotics nationals and me and my friend Samuel are teaming with St Peter's College team 3204S and doing the VEX IQ challenge Bank shot. This was when I was in St James School but now I am in St Peter's College

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Teamwork at Worlds


Picture clearly shows VEX robotics teamwork in action.  All three team members finding a way to repair/improve the robot at the same time.

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Fabianus Photo


Here is our team mascott, Wall-E, looking over things at the recent New Zealand national championships where our team won the design award.

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The Suspense


The suspenseful moments before our first quarterfinals match.

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Competition photo


The photo shows my teams robot getting ready to shoot balls into the high goal from a nautilus gear catapult design that is very unique and rare.

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3333P meet with alliance partners and form a...


3333P meet with alliance partners and form a friendship.   At 2015 World Championship.

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I love VEX IQ


I'm building the arm for my team's robot,Everistus by modifying the wheels to spin more efficiently.

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Teaching the new Robodragons how to build!


Teaching our new freshmen how to build and run a successful team. This paid off and they scored over 300 this weekend. Way to go Robodragons!


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Just one of those days


This is my mascot robot from last year while at Worlds competition one of his gears broke and he split in half. I was able to fix him pretty quickly but htat is what robotics is about for me, sometimes you have a bad day just pick yourself up get back together and move forward.

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All in One


In the words of Kevin Wilson, "The simplest things are the hardest to understand." This simple moment, is yet the quintessential demonstration of what it truely means to participate in VEX, and its essential spirit. 

The robot shown in the picture is the accumaltion of months of hard work. Even though the team members aren't shown (behind the robot getting ready for match), all their spirit, dedication, and love for robotics is seen in this 3rd person shot of the robot getting ready for the teams first match of their first ever...

The Programmer’s Sight



This photo demonstrates our team busily working on our robot as our programmer creates some code. 

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Shooting Balls


Late night testing the range and accuracy of the 7700R ball shooter

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Hanging with MC Virind- Team 91C


This photo shows members of VEXMEN team 91C posing with our enthusiastic MC Virind Gujral at the Downingtown Open VRC event January 9.  This is the first of 2 competitions which our club will host this season.  Thanks Virind for helping!

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All Hands on Deck!


This aerial shot shows some of our team members in our new jackets fixing our flywheel with GIRL POWER!

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Practice Makes Perfect


As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect - this picture exhibits one of our team members loading our robot for what felt like the thousandth time within the span of the day and a few other weary looking members working hard in the background. It goes to show that building a high performance robot takes endless time and hardwork but every moment is worth it for the feeling of accomplishment you get once the job is done :)

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This picture features two of our team members, Conor and Irisha hard at work fixing up the robot between matches. The photo summarizes the essence of robotics which isn’t always easy or glamorous - we encounter obstacles, large and small at the most unexpected and inconvenient moments but a smile and teamwork are always more than enough to get the job done.

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Bereeve in Reeve


As the day draws to an end and deadlines come creeping this image features one of our team members, Reeve, still hard at work on our website and deep in thought. The image shows that for all us us interested in STEM and robotics, when we’re doing something we enjoy it’s easy to keep smiling even after a hard and seemingly endless day’s work.

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Battery Boy


This image exhibits one of our team members rushing to change the batteries on our robot between two close matches - it shows that it truly is the little things that make a big difference and every little contribution goes a long way. 

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As the name may suggest this is a photo of one of our team members, Steve, working intently on our robot and tinkering with bits to get the robot into tip top shape prior to a big scrimmage.

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Teamwork makes the dream work!


This picture exhibits two of our team members, Reeve and Andrew working together on our website. Each with their individual skills and ideas have something unique to bring to the table and collaborating together resulted in some wonderful ideas that wouldn’t have been brought to life without the interaction between our members. 

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Team work for the House Competition


Working as a team, having completed an IQ robot we are now ready to programme and drive. First IQ robot built for our 'House'. Other houses still to be completed but catching us up. We used our experience as members of the high school club to help all four houses build their robots. We are now excited for the inter house competition to begin. Soon we hope!

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Applying Technology in Indian Tradition: Kolam...


A "Kolam" is a traditional Indian geometric drawing drawn using rice flour or chalk infront of entrances to usher in good luck and ward off evil from the home. It is normally done by hand but in a modern twist, 2 Indian girls, Yaalarasi and Kaviyarasi, made a kolam robot to create fractal drawings for a modern robotic kolam.

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