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VEX Robotics Photography Challenge

Showcase youth using VEX to explore STEM. Compose a photograph that features one or more students working on a robot, testing, planning or celebrating your VEX team’s accomplishments. Use photography to tell the judges something about your own story of involvement on a competition team, in a classroom, or as a hobbyist working with VEX.


Team meeting


This is a picture of our team on a casual day meeting. Our picture shows us working on the things each member usually works on. We wanted to just show the natural enviorment of our everyday VEX life.

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Let the Games Begin


Crusaders Keegan and Matthew head into battle to outscore their opponents

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Girls + Robotics = A Bright Future


Crusader Maria shares with the younger generation the excitement of robotics

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Steel Eagles Z Photography Challenge Entry


About the Photo

Over 150 hours of hard work and dedication to complete our robot and engineering notebook culminated into this event, where we were awarded Tournament Champions, the Excellence Award, Design Award, Programming Skills Champion, and Robot Skills Champion.

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R3 Prototyping


During the 2015 winter school break R3 met regularly in order to work and build our robots for the the VEX U Nothing but Net challenge. On this particular day, all members were present to prototype and test ideas that the team had previously agreed on.

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Photography Challenge - PUPR The Best Team Ever


This is our team entry for the photography challenge for the 2015 - 2016 VEX U.

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3946W competition




This image shows our team during last year's skyrise event working to perfect our strategy with our teammates.

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Aim High, Achieve More and Accomplish Greatness


The Enlightened Luddites (985A) is one of the all-girls teams at Mary Our Queen Robotics.  This photo represents, "Aim High, Achieve More and Accomplish Greatness."  So far this season, we've earned success by receiving two Excellence Awards.

The NbN balls were staged with transparent fishing line.

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3946R Photo


Team 3946R improves their XDrive design through a community oriented design process. 

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Testing Under Presure


Testing our robot during a competition. 

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Measurement of Success


After multiple attempts at building our robot we measured the height, width, and length with what we call our "measurement of success". We figured out that the robot fit in an 18 inch cube and were very pleased with our accomplishment.  

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Picture taken at scrimmage in Palmerston North City Library, auto focus was broken so accidently took photo while adjusting lens

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Binary Bot


We went to a Pleasanton Math Circle event where we taught elementary school kids Binary with a Binary Bot we built with VEX.

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This photo shows my team and I shaking hands with an opposing team after a match. Underneath the VEX competitions and robots, there is ultimately a foundation of sportsmanship.

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This picture shows collages of all the seasons of VEX and VEX IQ our team has been involved in as well as our trophies and some of this seasons robots

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Planning Ahead


At the VEX World Championship, our team went to dinner at Cracker Barrel on Friday night after the new game release. We began right then to strategize and brainstorm by drawing on napkins and building "stacks of balls" from cornbread. We have progressed so much from the first meeting that night, and we cannot wait to see what the rest of the season holds!

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The Game Through The Referee's Eyes


Here we have two middle school teams preparing for their first quarterfinals match, by loading preloads and turning on their robots, from the referee's perspective. These kids have worked hard all day, improved each match and have earned these spots in tournament.

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Prepare for Battle


This 5 point ball symbolizes the hope that our team has of succeeding in competition.

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Giving life to Max!


While building the robot´s elevator, my teammates took me a photo since they thought it would look great from that position. On the right side is the chasis of our robot, so it is a photo taken before the robot had the shape we wanted to give him.

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Defending The Title


2015 World Champion Team 7700B working on their nothing but net robot to prepare for their next tournament.

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VEX Indian Kolam Robot


We will be celebrating Pongal, the Indian Thanksgivings Day, on 15th Jan 2016. During Indian festivals like Deepavali, Thaipusam and Pongal, kolams can be seen in every Indian household. My younger sister, Kaviyarasi and I decided to make a robot using VEX to help us draw a kolam for our house. A kolam is drawn in front of doors to bring good luck and protect the home from evil. Kolams are usually drawn by hand and it is quite tiring. Using our VEX robot to draw the kolam is so much faster and fun!

Yaalarasi Arunagirinathan, Malaysia  

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Robot & Halo perfect combination


This phenomenon occurs with the formation of ice particles suspended in the troposphere that refract the light that comes from the sun, generating a spectrum of colors similar to the rainbow. 


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Angle is key!


During this season, teams will soon learn that alignment will lead to victory.

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We aren´t in robotics, robotics is within us


While we were building the robot, we decided to took a photo through the robot to show people how it is inside. 

Robotics isn´t just a hobby, it´s a part of our lives. 

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We aren´t in robotics, robotics is within us


While we were building the robot, we decided to took a photo through the robot to show people how it is inside. 

Robotics isn´t just a hobby, it´s a part of our lives. 

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We aren´t in robotics, robotics is within us


While we were building our robot, we decided to take a photo through the robot to show people how it is inside. 

Robotics isn´t just a hobby is aprt of our lives 

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