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VEX Robotics Photography Challenge

Showcase youth using VEX to explore STEM. Compose a photograph that features one or more students working on a robot, testing, planning or celebrating your VEX team’s accomplishments. Use photography to tell the judges something about your own story of involvement on a competition team, in a classroom, or as a hobbyist working with VEX.


On the run!


VRC Team 8926, Combined IQ, invites you to view this photo of a member of our drive team taken as he raced past us on the way to a match at the 2015 Vex World Championships in Louisville, Kentucky.  As a rookie team, it was such an amazing thrill to be selected to compete at Worlds.  The size of the facility and the number of teams was intimidating.  We had to keep a very close watch on the time in order to make it from our pits to the competition field on time.  As you can see from the photo, we were cutting this one pretty close!  What makes this photo...



"When our team is competing, whether it is aligning the robot, feeding the balls, or driving the robot, our victory is all because of  our teamwork."



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Sharing Knowlege


Our high school team shares knowledge with us, helping us learn from their experiences

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In the Pits


Knights Ben, George, Jack, and Cole prepare for their match in hopes of victory

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JHHS Bulldogs


JHHS's team 2886A in their natural habitat: a competition.

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Selling Excalibur


In presenting our robot, Excalibur, we show off the key components of what make it so cool

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The Results Are In!


After competing in what looked like a very close finals match, the 4th Alliance came out on top, beating the 1st Alliance by a mere 20 points.  

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A Well-Spent Evening with Robots.


This is a photo of some of our team members at a get-together with a sister school of ours. Here, we worked on our bot, and exchanged many ideas and lots of beneficial constructive criticism between the VEX teams there and ourselves. We were also provided refreshments and beverages; in the back, our teacher even brought in some large pizzas with a student, to keep us well-fed and thinking. Overall, this little meeting with our fellow VEX teams at the other high school was a huge success, and a great time.

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Cracking the Code


Crusader Isaac working hard to create a solution through the use of code

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Sparks of Innovation


Crusader Isaac cuts some parts to accommodate his design

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Thumbs Up


60X members Sam and John ready up for a match. (7504X at time of photo)

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Perfect Shot


This picture was taken at a tournament at Kettering University. It captures a ball being shot perfecting in the center of the net by our robot.

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I´m a Robot


When you wish to become a robot.... 

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One step at a time


There are several challenges when planning, building, programming, driving, and competing.No matter what the hardships and the number of failures, a team can win awards at every level.It takes one step at a time for a team to accomplish their goals.


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joined team


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Maryland Govenor, Larry Hogan, is excited to be driving our robot at the Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland dinner.

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Back to Square 1


We are team 2442E from Bancroft School in Worcester, Massachusetts. We have learned that sometimes it's necessary to redesign robots that did not perform well at competition. This step in the engineering process is quite overwhelming but it will lead to a more effective Robot. 

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Foundation for Future


My sister aspires to work in the United States Air Force as an aeronautics engineer one day. I believe that VEX Robotics is the perfect start for her. It is creating a strong foundation for her to pursue her dream.

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The Birth Of A Strategy


This picture was taken as we were creating a strategy for the robot skills challenge at one of the VEX IQ events.

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4 Teams - 1 Club


At Bancroft School in Worcester, Massachusetts we have four teams. Although we build four different robots, we still work together as one club. Oftentimes bouncing an idea off of someone else can help because this person can see flaws in your design you may not have thought of. In this picture you see our weekly meetings where we come together as a club and discusss various topics, from where we are in the engineering design process, to new strategies we have discovered. 

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Programming Day for 1064P (Almost HD)


Programming is a process, meaning it isn't always done in one fell swoop. We update and innovate our program based on our team's collective feedback the day after every competition. We like to call it "Programming Day" and it is a time for us to both reflect on the performance of our team at competitions and celebrate our hard work after the stress of a competition. 

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Live, Breathe VEX


As a team we have learned that in order to succeed in VEX robotics you need to dedicate a lot of time and effort to your Robot. For us on team 2442B this means spending extra hours after school and coming in on the weekends. 

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Final Round....


Team 4810A from North Union Middle School and teams 6008A and 6008C compete in the finals. 

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First time trials with slip-gears.

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Late Night Ambitions!


After building our very first ready-to-test catapult for VEX: Nothing But Net! We were so eager to see if it works that we went outside in the freezing cold and dark night to set up a firing range consisting of 2-3 work lamps, a tape measure, and our team!

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