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VEX Robotics Photography Challenge

Showcase youth using VEX to explore STEM. Compose a photograph that features one or more students working on a robot, testing, planning or celebrating your VEX team’s accomplishments. Use photography to tell the judges something about your own story of involvement on a competition team, in a classroom, or as a hobbyist working with VEX.




Team 4810A allianced with 4810B and 4810E congradulate each other on their win after a close match with 1981F from Grant Middle School. 

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The start of a match...


Before the start of finals, 4810A and 4810B ready their robots by aligning then with the goal and adding preloads. 

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Robot With Class



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Interview Process


Team 4810A, the RoboCatz, were interviewed at the North Union Middle School Qualifier for the excellence award. An interview allows the team to explain the steps they took to designing the robot, why they choose their design, and what changes they plan to make in the future. 

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Team Work - Professor X


Team Work at its best. The team after testing the different systems of the robot taking care of the wires during the session when they met before their first competition.

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Team BNS (with the assisitance of Chuck Glick) obtainined scores that rank first in the world in both the robot and programming skills challenges at the Downingtown VEX U Skills event, hosted by Vexmen Robotics.

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Members of Team da Vinci and the Lemon Bots celebrate how their joint cooperation lead to a successful high elevation.

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Late Night Adjustments


This is one of the captains of our team shaving down a piece of metal to be used on our robot's shooter. It is about 1 AM in this picture, and the competition is the next day, so we had to improvise and block the sparks off with an old board game that was lying around.

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"I can't watch"


This photograph is of a team coach who was watching one of his middle school teams compete in the IQ finals match at Worlds. The boy in the picture is covering the coaches eyes because the coach said "I can't watch" right before the match started.

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Photography Challenge Entry Team 8899X: The...


The new game "Nothing But Net", has done nothing but bring more experience and excitement to VEX that the organization didn't have before, and as the days go by, we have come to build an even greater passion for robotics and our team. 

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Inspiring The Next Generation



The Asian Pacific Robotics Competition was held at the Texas Instruments Headquarters in Dec 6 2015. T-VEX was invited to the competition to showcase the past and current robots.          

In the picture, 9090 C team member  is  showing the students the controls for the robot, and explaining how the game works.

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Bringing The Robot Together


Bringing the robot together.  The team works in unison to assemble the final pieces of the robot.


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Focus in What We Desire


This photo shows our focus by trying to accomplish the goals we expect and, if possible, give more.

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750W First Victory


Our joyous reaction to winning our first competition

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In order to catch this shot we had to use a shutter speed of about 1/350 of a second, which resulted in some graininess to do the high ISO, but we thought it was a very cool picture that we never thought we would catch.

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7536 for the win


Testing the showy limits of our robot, 7536 executes a beautiful shot with an elevated assit from her sister team!!

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Hard At Work


For the first few months of the season, we were working out of the unfinished addition in the back of my house. I love this photo because it really shows how far we have come since this past summer.

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A Selfie to Remember

Cassidy E

It was Clash in the Canyon 2015 and our first time to a tournament in the Los Angeles area. The day proved to be challenging and the day coming to end with a loss in the finals due to a jammed ball in the flywheel, we thought our chances we over. But then the judge announcing the Excellence Award turned and smiled at Desi and I (Cassidy) and said team 7983G. Desi and I hugged each other with joy while the guys fist bumped...we were so excited we almost forgot to go up to get the award! That is how this selfie become a memory to last forever, the memory of how four seniors qualified for the...

Learning through robotics


Taken by Max Tindall

This photograph displays students in our Level 1 Engineering Class competing with VEX IQ robots. Through the process of building and then competiting with these robots, the students are able to learn about everything from programming to gear ratios and beyond. This photo's color has not been modified, natural light provides the color.

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Sparks Fly


A team of hardworking, professional, and charismatic
students who want nothing more than to be successful both as a team and as individuals. Team 8771 is a team that knows their goals and how to
get there.

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Home of the Robosavages


For the Robosavages, hosting a tournament is one of our favourite highlights of the year. Everyone from juniors to seniors takes part in this competition. Whether it be competing, queueing, field setting, or doing pizza orders, we all participate in some way. This photo was taken whilst doing our take down, and with our "Welcome to Gladstone" sign in the back, this is a representation of how at the end of the day, despite our individual teams, we are all Gladstone Robosavages.

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Sensing for Success


Our team is putting on the line following sensors while the programmers are designing the code to allow the robot to move in a straight line by following the tape on the field. 

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In the middle of Chaos


After many competitions of getting to the finals and losing in the tie-breaker round we, 7983G, finally won! We have had to battle our own school's other teams before, and even though we have won excellence, we were going for the gold.

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Amador VEX


This is a picture of our team's first design of the intake. After every competition, we go back and redesign or come up with a better idea for the intake or shooter. We would then model it and build it for the next competition and the cycle would start again.

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Innovation starts in the morning


Every Saturday, the team meets in the morning and starts working on any design they choose. The picture was taken when the team is prototyping concepts for the upcoming competition in January.

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