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VEX Robotics Photography Challenge

Showcase youth using VEX to explore STEM. Compose a photograph that features one or more students working on a robot, testing, planning or celebrating your VEX team’s accomplishments. Use photography to tell the judges something about your own story of involvement on a competition team, in a classroom, or as a hobbyist working with VEX.




Omni Eagles Team 4000 celebrating some of this year's accomplishments: Tournament Champion, Excellence and Create Awards!

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Rubber Band Ramp


To shoot accurately from any location on the field, the robot constantly adjusts the angle of its shooter. This movement causes the loading-points to change each time the angle is adjusted, so, to avoid colliding parts, a flexible rubber-band ramp was created to safely guide balls to the changing loading-points.

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Tearing Down Walls


For the entire year of 2015, 8059 sent members down to another school (i.e. Crest Secondary School) weekly, with the intention of helping Crest to setup a new robotics team and providing training and coaching to the students.

This is the best example of robotics transcending schools rivalry and showcasing the best of sportsmanship.

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808Robotics picture


Inline image 1


This is our new robotics robot practicing the new vex game nothing but net.

Hope you like this picture.

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Megatron chilling after a workout


Megaton after he has been to the "gym". We have been working out with him so that he is ready for the competition. 

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Trial and Error


Inline image 1In this picture we are testing the robot to see if it can shoot from a distance, but if it can't then we have to think of a way to fix the problem and then...

Lets think a little


Thinking of new ideas is hard work, that is why only two of us think and then the other drives the robot as violently as possible.


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We grow, and so do our DREAMS!


We  grew up and our hopes and dreams grew with us, and finally we’ll graduate with all the knowledge we’ll need in our life, and we managed to turn that knowledge into reality and the best example is our robot standing right in front of us.

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Emmersing others in VEX


K-Force advertises our programs at many events where we immerse the young (and old) population with science, technology, engineering and maths which allows us to create the robots, while encouraging them to develop a passion and inspiring within them these vital topics of education

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Robotics Farewell


Robotics is more than just workshop time. This photo was taken at the farewell evening for our last team captain Christian Silver. In presence are current members, alumni and friends of the team.

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LBC - Geeky Photobombing


Photobombing the guys focusing hard on the programming.

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Perfect timing on a busy day!


In a busy AURA meeting with many discussions and tests going on, one of our members snapped a shot at the perfect time as a ball was thrown between two guys.

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Genesis of Quicksilver


This picture displays VEX’s unique hands-on learning style in which I (and my team) are building a robot. Like many others, I enjoy VEX for this reason. Not only is it more effective, but it is also more fun than other types of learning.

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Team Work


The picture shows how our team work together to archive our goals.the two guys in the left, are shows doing some adjustments to the robot. Meanwhile the other two on the right are working on the programing for the robot.

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We Create together, we win together


Are our faces after winning a match we thought was lost, but it was not.

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This photography is the excellence award. The excellence award is the result of our efforts and long working hours.

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Evolution of VEX


From the day we join a robotics team to our final graduation, we learn what it means to explore STEM as we evolve our robots to achieve our ever-increasing goals. Looking back over the years, we draw inspiration from how far we have come and how we have changed. 

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Vexecutives 8899z Photography Challenge Entry


This is a picture of our team on a casual day meeting. Our picture shows us working on the things each member usually works on. We wanted to just show the natural environment of our everyday VEX life.

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Team 80S Build Session


Photo from out team build session.  The team has been building a robot and is now using it to compete.  This has been built and designed by the team and everyone is excited about getting the robot ready for our next meet.  

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Work Time


The team working hard on figuring out the design for this years robot. They are building prototypes, brainstorming, and listening to the radio. It is just a fun work day with the guys to build. 

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The Joys of Programming


The joys of programming. Teacher and student both dumbstrucked. 

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VEX Robotics Club


On behalf of my school's robotics team, I would like to submit this photograph showing our robot (still being assembled) with our laptop containing a photo collage of our team members during one of the many brainstorming and programming sessions.  We are all very grateful to our school and parents and friends for this opportunity to learn robotics, even at the primary school level.

From Malaysia, Kuhan Chandrasekaran

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Close Attention

Team 2252C

Driving is all about paying close attention. Where you look is where the robot looks.

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Having a Ball with VEX!


Having a Ball with VEX!

See the Ball, Be the Ball!

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The Calm After The Storm


After an intense math, all four robots sit frozen as the teams wait to see who will move on to the final bracket in the tournament.

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At Cape Henlopen High School we encourage all students to participate in our Level 1 Robotics Class! Many students become interested in STEM related careers after being introduced to the VEX Program.

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United we stand


This team really showed us what being in a team is all about , we were really inspired by how united they are and how their positive attitude effetcted everyone else.

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The New Bot


 Here we see a robot in its natural habitat with one of its creators. Our team has made a robot that is being perfected. This shows one of us working with the robot and testing it.

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