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Pre-Made Slip Gear


Entry ID #: 3025
Created: Sat, Jan 7, 2017 10:51 AM



Since the introduction of our school's participation in this years vex robotics competition, most of our fellow teams have complained about the slip gear.

What is the problem with the part?

The main complaint with the part isn't its efficiency but rather the time it consumes to create the part. Rather than coming in a neat, finished package, teams have to take off a small chunk of a gear in order to create the slip gear they desire which means once they do so, they cannot switch the gear back into a regular gear. This is problematic because if they make a mistake, it could mean making a less than efficient to useless slip gear while getting rid of a gear that could've been used by other teams or by the team creating the slip gear themselves.

How can we resolve this issue?

The solution to this problem is rather simple but could make all the difference. That solution is to have a separate set of gears already made as a slip gear and when students need such gears, they can buy them rather than having to tear small pieces off a gear which could result in errors from the students or consume time that could've been used to improve their teams robot. Furthermore, if possible, you could design slip gears with their missing pieces that stick the chunks of the gear that were taken off back on and vice versa so that no piece goes to waste.

Example of Pre-made Slip gear Robot