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CAD challenge: c-channel attatchment


Entry ID #: 3209
Created: Tue, Jan 10, 2017 1:39 AM

Intro   This part was designed by Vex Robotics Team 98807A using Fusion 360. It was made to attatch 1x2x1 c-channels together in a perpendicular orientation without using bulky gusset parts, this was something that could be used in constructing drivetrains that are light and efficient. How it will be used  The part will be used by sliding two 1x2x1 c-channels into the plastic part and securing them with quarter inch screws. We hope that this part wiould offer a useful alternative to metal gussets. Our experience with Fusion  We went through many prototypes using Fusion and then decided on a final product, it was a little bit difficult to learn at first but we were quick to learn. We used the student version of Fusion 360; version 2.0.2604. Conclusion  It was a Challenge to learn but very enjoyable and we hope to use it in the furure when prototyping robots or other parts, it was nice being able to assemble robot parts in a virtual enviornment. Since the development of this part we have used Fusion 360 to prototype new designs for our robot redesign and it is great to be able to test how things fit together before building the robot, it saves time and effort and has hellped us with a speddy, more efficient redesign. 


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