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Rubber Band Holder/Hook


Entry ID #: 3229
Created: Tue, Jan 10, 2017 8:50 AM

                                              Vex Hook The VEX hook is a small part that could be capable of restraining a rubber or you can tie off a segment of string. This part is very useful if you have rubber bands on you robot and struggle to keep them from falling off. In order to create this part, the team used Autodesk Inventor Educational Institution version. A crucial tool used in inventor to create the part was sweep because it allowed us to extend the hook with minimal difficulty. The part is made of acetal resin much like other VEX parts. We used VEX bearings for the dimensions of the hook. The hook measures 3” long, 0.75” tall and ⅛ inch 0.25“ thick at the base. The hook is 1.45” long. This project taught me how to use the sweep function. I will use the Inventor program in the future for my engineering classes, and to design future projects for robotics. I can use inventor on my robotics team in order to design new ideas and to be able to explain an idea without going through the process of building. Learning about 3D printing can help me in a future career of engineering for help in designing scaled down parts or building.  

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