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PART Power Case


Entry ID #: 3696
Created: Wed, Jan 11, 2017 2:23 PM

For the “Make it Real CAD Engineering Challenge”, we decided to create a design, which its purpose is to deliver a more efficient method to shrink the space usage throughout the robot. With Autodesk Inventor Pro 2017 software, we were able to achieve our design. We decided to have a battery holder, which eventually evolved into an entire power and controller system case. At the same time, this piece will help us achieve better accessibility and organization of the electronic components: such as batteries, microcontroller, and power expanders. We believe that this design will improve the time consumed while mounting, dismounting, and testing the robot. The goal behind this design is to be able to locate the battery, microcontroller, and power expanders in the same place. This design has a boxed shape with outer dimensions of 3x6x2.031 inches. Its inner sections consist of three individual compartments designed for the batteries, which two of its compartments have a cross section with its dimensions being 2x1.2 inches, and a center compartment with a cross section of 1.4x1.2 inches. In addition to these partitions, our design has six holes, specifically designed for holding the microcontroller where it is going to be bolt in. Moreover, this design contains ten inner holes and ten outer holes, which can be used to strap in the batteries and cables in place. In addition, they also improve the air flow while dealing with heating problems in our batteries. The final product did not suffer any modifications after fitting it in place; our design fit in perfectly with our expectations. It simplified the space taken by the combination of the batteries, microcontroller, and power expanders, which gave us faster access to the connections of every component. As a bonus, it improved the organization of the cables going in and out of the robot’s power and controller system.


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