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7700S Line Sensor Improvement


Entry ID #: 3770
Created: Wed, Jan 11, 2017 4:18 PM

Two Hole Line Sensor Rolling Robots Team 7700S       For this  vex online CAD challenge, we created a two hole line sensor.  The current line sensor has one hole mount connected to the sensor.  Our design rule insures that we, the builders, and the robot is always safe from danger.  Since the one hole line sensor doesn’t follow our “two points make a line” design rule, we made a new design to benefit us and other teams.  There were many problems with this one hole sensor because of how fragile and unstable it was.  The old one hole sensor would leave the sensor on a lever and the plastic would snap.  Also, the one hole sensor would allow itself to rotate around the screw.  Once it has the new two holes, it would be able to mount in more configurations and prevent the plastic from breaking.  By making the new two hole line sensor more durable, teams can benefit from not having to waste more money on replacing the current line sensor.       The complete report is uploaded as a .pdf file    

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