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Documenting the design process


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Created: Thu, Oct 6, 2016 10:01 AM

This photograph was taken in our class during a break to document our daily activities, something which we all forget to do every now and then. The reason this photograph was chosen is because it personifies our struggles as a team, and at the same time our strengths. In the summer, in preparation for the upcoming school year, our instructor showed us a series of videos of what it truly means to be a designer, which is what we all are when it comes to the robotics competition as a whole. Being a designer is having the ability to learn from failure, and to then correct that failure, as many times needed if the failure persists, so that we may achieve success. We as a team pursue success with as much persistence, if not more, than failure and individual faults persists. We as a team seek perfection; from testing our robots hundreds of times to discussing ideas for weeks at a time to reading the rules over and over. We seek constant self-betterment because we want to not just be a pretty good team but be a great team that wins at everything. To fix our notebooks is to correct a flaw, and to correct a flaw is to be one step closer to success. #trialanderror


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