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I/M Flash Competition Champions


Entry ID #: 3106
Created: Mon, Jan 9, 2017 10:52 AM

This is a picture of teams 185A and 2131E from left to right, receiving their trophies for winning the tournament at I/M Flash in Lehi, UT. It wasn't a big competition, but there were many powerhouse teams there, making it a heated and intense tournament. My team, 2131E, experienced many matches where we burned out our drive, thereby allowing the opposing alliance to score quickly. Seeing a need to perform better, we switched our motors' internal gear ratio from turbo at 240 RPMs to high speed at 160 RPMs. This changed our overall drive ratio from ~2:1 to ~1.3:1. We were slower, but we didn't burn out. We ended up getting picked by the first ranked alliance, 185A and won the tournament. This picture was chosen to show 2131E's resilience during the heat of competition.


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