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Entry ID #: 3434
Created: Tue, Jan 10, 2017 8:26 PM

5150H is a unique team with great ideas and collaboration between members. In the image, the team is having a discussion about improving our drivetrain and troubleshooting one of the motors which temporarily stopped working. This particular photo was chosen because it portrays how the whole team comes together to utilise an engineering process and finds a solution to our problems. As shown in the image, David Duback, former builder and designer of 5150H is suggesting that we should extend the length of the drivetrain to prevent it from tipping at the front. According to his idea and center of gravity, the robot is more like to tip over of the star or cube is too far away from the main build, which in this case is the drivetrain. A major redesign can be complicated and difficult to finish in this short time period, therefore, Santiago Cruz proposed to add a counterweight in the back which will even out the weight between scoring objects and the robot. However, at this point, we have only 2 more build days before our next competition, making this difficult. In the middle, Mohammad Habib thought of a strategy to work in our favor. According to it, a speedy but slightly unstable robot is more efficient than a slower but more stable one. The robot was fully built and designed in our robotics room full of electric tools and technology in Danbury High School, located in Danbury, CT. The photo was taken mid-season, about 3 days before the competition at Bolton High School.  


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