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Hanging With My Team to Hang a Robot


Entry ID #: 3871
Created: Wed, Jan 11, 2017 7:03 PM

My name is Shan Lateef and I am currently competing on team 1231A,the Astrobotz. This picture portrays myself and one of my fellow teammates working hard to accomplish the strenuous challenge encompassed in this years game (Starstruck), the hang. Prior to this day, my persistent robotics team had almost thought the hang was impossible. As days went on we became more confident in ourselves and created our first design for the hang. Our diagram illustrated a hook mechanism that would be attached to our fork lift. During the match, the fork lift would travel upwards and the hook would instert itself inside the hollow pvc pipe. Then simulatneoulsy, the robot would drive forward and the fork lift would pull and fold up. Hypothetically, gravity would be able to hold it up. Demonstrated in the photo graph is myself attaching the bar that will help stabilize and space ourselves from the pipe which insures our robot will not collide with the fence outlined around the feild (this idea was later initiated in response to our experimenta trials, which showed our robot striking the fence). Besides the hook,screws and bolts, and the mechanism as a whole, this picture reperesents teamwork and collaboration. Those individual traits are the most important details about vex robotics. You can't build a robot without a perserverant and cooperative team. Utilizing these attributes is how to acheive great things. That is the true meaning of what this picture is presenting.   


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