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The Nut House


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Created: Wed, Jan 11, 2017 8:09 PM

I live in The Nut House. My family is always creating, exploring, and designing new things. My mom and dad support and encourage everthing I do, so do my 4 siblings! Being the middle child of 5 has taught me countless life experiences such as team work, effective communication, and optimism. It's also taught me how to build model rockets, play many instruments, build log cabins, water ski, and love life! VEX runs in my famliy's bood. My second oldest sister taught me everything I know about VEX and now I'm teaching my younger brothers. This picture shows my team 1231A versing my little brother's team 1231E in a qualification match.   My enthusiasm and love for teaching and inspiring others doesn't stop with my little brother's team, but it spreads to everyone I meet. But teaching is not a one way thing. I don't just teach my younger brother, he teaches me too! We make mistakes, learn, make more mistakes, redesign, make a mistake and finally succeed. We follow our passions. Next time you think you can't do it, or it's not working don't give up. Remember The Nut House, with those siblings who compete and succeed together. Have fun, follow your passions and CREATE!


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