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VEX Robotics Photography Challenge

Showcase youth using VEX to explore STEM. Compose a photograph that features one or more students working on a robot, testing, planning or celebrating your VEX team’s accomplishments. Use photography to tell the judges something about your own story of involvement on a competition team, in a classroom, or as a hobbyist working with VEX. 


The Plan


Capturing this moment was important because I think it displays an important albeit undervalued robotics trait, strategy. While my teammates look like they'd rather do something like eating, they’re applying themselves in a mind game that’s tricky to solve. To be fair, they always look like they’d rather be eating!

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Confidence Is Key


One of our team's biggest strong points is how confident we are in our abilities during a match. This photo not only showcases how focused we are during a match. 

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Our team 4478X found that taking turns to work on the robot is too inefficient. So our builders Mitch, Julia, and Ryan will sacrifice personal space for the cause. It’s a good thing we’re all friends.

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While robotics can be fun when collaborating with friends, we know, like our builder Alex, that we need to put our mind into our work with sharp focus.

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Joking with the Judge


808 Robotics team members joking with a judge, showing that Judging Interviews don't have to be scary or boring. We've found that the judges are always fun to talk to and are very easy going.

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Programmer: A Necessary Evil


This picture depicts the lead programmer who is coding the skills program for the competition. I chose this picture because it represents the importance of programming and that it is an integral part of any robot. I titled this picture as Programmer: A Necessary Evil because even though programmers do not receive the acclaim they deserve, they are vital to the development of a team and robot.

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Not All Work But Not All Play


Even when several members of 4478X come together to work on their robot, they still make sure to enjoy themselves. It's important for robotics to not be like a chore, but rather a time for kids to both work and hang out.

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Who Said Robotics Doesn't Help In The Real World?


In this picture team 1104A is demonstrating how all the skills they have learnt in robotics can be applied in the real world. We don't only learn how to build or how to program, we learn collaboration skills, critical thinking skills, and how to gain confidence in ourselves. 

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Robot Redesign


This image is showing one of our team members working on the robot while the other is hypothesising new designs. It is showing how our team is constantly innovating and coming up with great ideas and improvements to our robot.

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Almost Finished


In addition to showing Nick, a fellow teamate, working hard, this picture captures the artisitic side of robotics perfectly. I love how abstract a robot can look when it's finished, so I snapped this shot on Tuesday. It perfectly conveys my artistic passion, and the abstractness of our robot.

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A Family Of Six

bbots3 photo represents 1231G because we know how to get things done and when to have fun. Our team gathered after a particularly accomplishing practice on our field to take this picture that truly captures everything we are. We love each other as family and respect each other...

The Beginning


In this picture, It marks "the beggining" of our design strategy. We placed pretty high with this robot, and it inspired us to do better in the future. This year, team 750R started with people that had little to no experience, gaining knowledge from just experience. The picture signifies that this is a new beggining for team 750R, and we will strive for the better.

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This picture is our team member, Justin, working on the robot. This picture showcases the community activities our team is involved in, MakerFair, our robot design, and the teamwork involved in making all of it happen.

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The teamwork and problem-solving skills they take away from this experience in the classroom will successfully prepare them for future careers in STEM fields

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Finishing touches


From the day of a state qualifier, I chose this picture as my teammate, Julie, was working on a last minute touch up before semifinals. Sanding down a c-channel, that stops the arm from dragging on the ground, as everything worked fine but a risk in order to maybe win.

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This is the driver of Team 4411W, Katherine, at a regional competition last month. Katherine is always driving or working on the 4411W robot. She is in a wheel chair with a leg cast where her mobility is limited. Katherine didn't let her leg stop her from participating in her passion: engineering and robotics. She is committed to her team and her robot always eager for the next challenge.

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STEM will get you there!


This picture shows our team on a trip to the 2016 Pan Pacific Tournament in Honolulu, Hawaii.  A fun 35 minute ride on our sponsor Island Air plane!

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Always Improving


Of all the things we've learned, the one thing we'll always remember is that you never stop fixing and improving when you want to be the best.

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The power of VEX IQ is STRONG with Crossover!

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Design Process in Action!


In this photo, we, the members of team 315X, are discussing how to tune our lift in order to make it shoot stars faster over the fence at our weekly meeting. We are continuing our iterative design process, in which we improve our design in stages.

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7700C Team Picture


Our Team for the 2016-2017 Starstruck Season

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Work in Progress


We are working on the scissor lift. Some of our class mates siad the scissor lift was hard to do but we decided to to go for it. My team works really hard to try to complete it. It might take a long time to complete our robot but once we finish I hope it works well.

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They choose us, they choose us not...


This photo is taken when choosing the alliances at a competition in Wawasee,IN. I chose this photo because one can see the anticipation in the eyes of all of the participants. It is time when strategy has important role in the game. Only three teams will be the lucky ones.

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Two of our builders Mitch and Randor realize that in the stress of competition, you need to joke around a little. The balance of work ethic and fun is a value that our team 4478X prides itself on.

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Introducing Cub Scouts to Robotics


Teams 3211H and 3211A demonstrate their nothing but net robots to a group of Cub Scouts. They let the scouts drive and attempt to score into the net with the robots. Exposing kids early to STEM and robotics can have a powerful impact on their future in those fields. 

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Challenge Accepted!


Our Drive Team practicing different scenarios for competition. After all, Practice Makes Perfect!

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Too much robots!


Here was a picture from one of our summer build sessions. We decided that this picture was able to somewhat adequately capture our passion for robots, seeing that we chose to watch BattleBots as we worked on our VEX Robot. Robotics manages to encompass so much of our life, and it has provided a positive outcome for all of us. We have found so much enjoyment in robotics, we can be considered addicted to working on them!

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Tinker Thinker


One of our students working on the pneumatic intake system while look at the robot from a unique perspective.  He's also getting a exercise in the process.  Work that squat!

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Cause and Effect


This photo was taken in the city of Queretaro in the framework of the IV International Congress of Information and Communication Technologies 2016 on November 7, 2016 here we can see that after 2 days of work in constant competition we were able to crown ourselves as the champions of Exellence Award where we compete with many teams from our country as well as the current world champion VCAT Robotics, that they have come to compete with us cause to all members of the team, that the work of months, the unveiled, hunger, Time invested and above all the need to stand out over others have not...

StarStruck On!


Every member has an important role on their team. Here of our best field managers helping to set up the stars on the field and insuring that the stars are in the correct position so our team can practice. Let's get our StarStruck On!

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