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VEX Robotics Photography Challenge

Showcase youth using VEX to explore STEM. Compose a photograph that features one or more students working on a robot, testing, planning or celebrating your VEX team’s accomplishments. Use photography to tell the judges something about your own story of involvement on a competition team, in a classroom, or as a hobbyist working with VEX. 




Celebrating the opportunity to send 3 teams from Blackstone Valley Tech to the World Championships of robotics in Louisville, Kentucky for the first time. Team 6916C decides to make the experience as memorable as possible by living up to their team name “The VexVengers”; Along with performing skits and taking photos with dozens of teams from around the World.

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Got Tin?


Investigation of a broken cortex.

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Rite of Passage


Going through inspection at the CWU competition.

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snip (verb)

cut (something) with scissors or shears, typically with small quick strokes.

"Julia unintentionally snipped the motor wire"

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Working on our starstruck robot.

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Design In Progress


"It's Perfect" --Shawn

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One and a Half


What is normally done by two is done by one-point-five.

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Building the Future!


Enjoying my first VEX IQ competition as a three year old at Vermillion, South Dakota. 

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Team Work


We face a lot of difficulties but we have to overcome it by preparing ourselves to get the skills and experiences that we need and now we’re gonna achieve progress and prove that we can do it. I believe in take the moment and make it perfect, so #we_can

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Progress In Motion


As a team in it's final year, our VEX VRC team 9282 decided to give some of our experience back to our community in the form of a VEX IQ team. This picture shows several of our members working with and mentoring this young team through various stages of progress.

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We are 323Y, a homeschooled high school team from Greenwood, Indiana. This is our second year as a team, but everyone's fourth year in VEX. One aspect of robotics that is very important to our team is being thorough. Whether you are taking notes, building, programming, or designing, paying attention to detail is very important because it can prevent mistakes in many cases. This picture depicts that method as two of the three team members double check each other in plugging in batteries, turning on the robot, picking the autonomous routine, and lining the robot up correctly prior to the...

We Rise By Lifting Others


It is true that one can succeed by helping others. Teamwork and helping others are important values to our team. Our students are mentoring the Wingfield VEX program to spread STEM. They strive to help others comprehend on skills, such as note booking and programming.

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Drilling is Thrilling!


In this photo, Charlotte and Michael are working together on drilling the holes for their new gear design. Charlotte and Michael are working on this during their lunch period in the school robotics room. We chose this photo because it clearly represents the fun enjoyed while engineering an innovative robot.

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Challenge the Challenge


What happens when your robotics lab is covered in cement dust due to AC complications? During the school year, our environment challenged us. We had to overcome our challenge by working in the school hallways from 6:00pm-9:00pm. This picture shows our dedication to robotics regardless of time and place.

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Adjusting to work


This picture shows Emerson, our driver and builder, in class adjusting the robot to see if his new addition will work. I chose to use this because it shows how we check our designs before actually scoring points. We realize that not everything is perfect and some designs don't work. Through failure, we will learn much more and have a successful robot.

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Teamwork + Communication = Success


First competition of the year.  Two matches remaining.  A shaft twists like a pretzel and breaks a gear.  Twenty minutes before the next match.  Its chaos.  The clock is ticking.  Will we make it?  Teamwork and communication enables Vexmen 81N Nightcrawler to finish just in time!

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Engineer Stress Test


This photo depicts team 6135K at Competition #606 with a member of 6135H assisting in field testing the robot. As team 6135K's engineer, I chose it because we went on to win this competition, and it demonstrates that accidents and the unexpected can be part of the engineering process.


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Goodbye My Friend


This image reflects us having to lose our robot from last year’s competition Bank Shot and accept we must build a new robot for the new competition Crossover. One must go out with the old, and come in with the new.

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Many Hands Make Light Work


In the rigorous VRC program, teamwork is an indispensable component in creating a successful robot. This photo, snapped late into the night mere hours away from the National Competition, best reflects the weeks of meticulous planning and dilligent testing the diverse team underwent together to engineer a winning robot.

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The Gears of Progress


Our current club chairman putting the finishing touches on his magnum opus. In our club, a Robot is never truly completed. In every iteration of the robot, there is always signficant room for refinement. The work displayed is a shining testament to the dedication needed to realise this necessity.

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My son, who I spend the best times with him


The robot is my son, This photo was taken before the match start. Sometimes we have a bad day, so pick yourself up get back and move forward.
I'm with my team work together to solve all problems that face our success, so we continue training and working to achieve our goals. We do our best to overcome problems and find a solution.
We believe in the distance between our dreams and reality is called actions, so we will never win IF we never begin. 

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I/M Flash Competition Champions


This is a picture of teams 185A and 2131E from left to right, receiving their trophies for winning the tournament at I/M Flash in Lehi, UT. It wasn't a big competition, but there were many powerhouse teams there, making it a heated and intense tournament. My team, 2131E, experienced many matches where we burned out our drive, thereby allowing the opposing alliance to score quickly. Seeing a need to perform better, we switched our motors' internal gear ratio from turbo at 240 RPMs to high speed at 160 RPMs. This changed our overall drive ratio from ~2:1 to ~1.3:1. We were...

Celebrating After a Good Win


In this image, the team members of 134J, Joey Edmonds, Nolan Sykes, and Josh Gifford, are celebrating a strong, well-deserved win at their home competition. They did not lose a match that day and ended up winning the tournament with a large help from 134D and 134E. They also won the judges award, in addition to being awarded tournament champion. It was great having people and judges come over just to say "that right there is an excellent robot."

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The Many Faces of Winning an Excellence Award


We love this photo because it hilariously and accurately demonstrates the differences in our internal monologues, below.


Harper (closest): They're talking about us. We won excellence!

Amelia (middle): Why didn't you tell us we won?

Sarah (farthest): What are the odds a different team fits that description? Probably pretty high...

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This was the moment my teammate, Allison, and I won the state competition and quilified for VEX IQ Worlds in 2016.

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Overcoming Challenges as a Team


This photo showcases the members of both teams at Westminster Christian School at the Jr. Orange Bowl Vex IQ competition in Miami Springs, Florida on November 5, 2016.

Leila Hilliard's description (team member submitting the entry): I think this is a great picture, because both teams are together. What this means is teamwork is greater than one person. We can create great things as a team. Being on a team means we can work together, put our minds together, and make the world better through collaboration!

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VEX in a photo


this my entry for the VEX Robotics Photography Challenge .this photo is called (VEX in a photo) that means that i combined all vex meanings in one photo . the joystick refers to programming and driving . the robot refers to mechanics . and we took this photo on a football playground because it is refers to FUN. 

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One Great Picture


This picture was taking at Rm Marrs magnet Center, Omaha, Nebraska.

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The dog's look


I took this photo while I was showing the robot to my teacher, but I was surprised when the dog stopped near the robot and he was  still looking at the robot for a while. At this moment I knew that I should take this photo. I learned from this situation that not only people like robotics but also animals do. Because robotics is amazing. 

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