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VEX Robotics Photography Challenge

Showcase youth using VEX to explore STEM. Compose a photograph that features one or more students working on a robot, testing, planning or celebrating your VEX team’s accomplishments. Use photography to tell the judges something about your own story of involvement on a competition team, in a classroom, or as a hobbyist working with VEX. 


Lexington ISD


as the hero of this story the great gunnar must help his friends build a robot to stop a metior from falling on the planet, he sends the robot to the astroid and explodes it to save everyone. can he manage to finish it in time?

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Finishing a Robot


Team members Jordan, Will, and Ross celebrate finishing a robot

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1010 Alliance


A moment from a match while being on an alliance with another 1010 team. 

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Celebrating Our First Competition


I chose this photo because we took this after our very first competition in Tonasket. In this picture is Quinten, Annabelle, and me, because Jacob was not part of our team yet. Here we learned how the competition worked, and what would be expected of us as a team.

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I selected this photograph to talk about our group growing. Our team is me, Annabelle, Abby, and Quinten. This was taken at our competition in Tonasket, when we were clueless and our robot wasn’t finished. We have a steady grip on the rules, and got 15th at the Orchard competition.

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This photo documents our team working together regarding the construction of our robot. I captured the photo, those pictured are Jacob, Abby, Quinten. This was taken 1/3/17, in our school techlab where we attend vex meetings. I chose this photo because it represents teamwork to accomplish our goals.


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This photo represents the testing stage in our competition at CWU. I chose this photo because in this stage Jacob and I got a lot of hands on experience with the controls and maneuvers of our robot. This IQ challenge took place on 12-09-16, and includes me (the black shoes).

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Success of 81M


Boys and girls working in unison bring about imagination and creative ideas to life. This picture portrays our excitement on becoming tournament champions in our first competition of the season. Our dedication and hard work along with our creative lift design paved way for our success as the tournament champions.

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Practice Makes Perfect


This is a picture of our drive team getting practice driving and coaching for the new season. Driving during our meetings helps us practice for what it is like in matches at tournaments. We find the more drive team practice, the more prepared and calm we are during tournaments. 

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3946R Photography Challenge


A high schooler is helping us fix problems on our lift. It was having trouble lifting up and was unable to carry scoring objects. We went through multiple testings and ultimately discovered that there were two faulty motor controllers. We were able to replace them and the lift started working.

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Ignite the Spark


We chose this photo because once a love of STEM and robotics is ignited it's impossible to stop even if it means working late into the night.

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Hard Work


 This is team (7041B) showing some of their awards and sponsors at Ponce, Puerto Rico, before going to the World Championship (2016). The photo shows our commitment to the robotics program, also all that you can achieve when you set a goal and work hard for it as a team. 

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This photo projects the joy and satisfaction of Team(7041B), winning the most important award at the Puerto Rico Technology Challenge, last December. Demonstrates a team that didn’t give up and did their best to make a dream come true. It shows excellent teamwork, excellent mentor, excellent team, Excellence Award.

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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work


Winning championships sounds like a great plan, right? Why win alone when you can win together? VEX is all about winning as a family and as a team. This picture demonstrates the process of working as a team to achieve a common goal.

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The photo presents the STEM Research Project presentation of team(7041B), part of the VEX IQ program, at Ponce, Puerto Rico, on October (2016). The theme was The Experience with Robotic Technology and Autism. It shows my great improvement with autism through robotics. I am the one with the red bowtie.

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Robot of the Century


This is a photo with our accomplished robot that has acheived all of our high scores. Two of my teamates, Angela and Zack are standing with our robot in our great learning enviroment.

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A Middle School Lesson


This picture depicts our captain teaching the middle school kids about how to properly build and execute a lift. 3946W puts a large emphasis on learning and educating others. We use a hands on approach to teaching so it's easier for the new members to learn how our robots work.

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STEM has been impacting others due its immense improvements. In this picture, a Kelvin exhibits on how STEM has changed his life. Robotics has been a pivotal part of Kelvin's life; he stays after school almost every day with his team to document, build, program and test the robot.

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Family Strengh and Pride


2016 VEX Worlds were an amazing experience for teams 7041 A-B! Our mentor, Armando Rodriguez, won Mentor of the Year! He's our inspiration, believes in us and helps us achieve our dreams.  He tells us to never give up and keep fighting.  He's the best mentor anyone can ask dad.

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Passing Knowledge Down


From left to right, Jarrett and Randy test the robot for competition use. As a senior, Randy feels compelled to teach Jarrett what he knows before he leaves. Jarrett is willing to learn whatever he can before Randy leaves. This picture fully demonstrates how STEM can link 2 people together.

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One heart


 The picture captured at the World Championship (2016), what GBAP Robotics Team(7041B) is all about, all for one and one for all. It clearly reflects happiness, unity, common goal, and how far teamwork can lead you. The shirts show our robotic passion through years. Five robotics hearts beating as one.


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Working and Wiring


Our teammate Allie working hard to find the right ports for the motors of our robot.

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Jumping With Joy


I chose this photo because it represents the outcome of an entire year’s worth of designing, building, programming, and practicing VEX IQ Robotics. Making it to the 2016 World Championship has Zayne and me “Jumping With Joy!”  We just could not contain it!


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Shining moment


This photo presents the team (2355A) ready for action at the World Championship, in Louisville, Kentucky (2016). It shows a team full of hope, dreams, excitement, and determination. I particularly like how the light illuminates our faces, symbolizing our moment to shine. It captured the sparkle in our eyes.

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Revealing A New Perspective


As a family, 7536A is proud to reveal our new hoodies. Though STEM can be a difficult curriculum in the classroom, our team members show their dedication to robotics.

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A glimpse into hard work


In this picture, Jacob Figueroa and I (Danna Ramirez) are Working on the gearing for the six-bar lift. We disassembled the robot to fix the gearing on the robot because we had some cracked gears, bent axels, and broken motors. That’s why we fixed the robot because it had difficulties.

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Every Robot Needs a Firm Foundation


Although winning is fun, our main priority is promoting character throughout our competitions.  We use robotics as an outlet to show love and sportsmanship to all of our competitors, as well as our teammates.  We are always looking for oppurtunities to assist our fellow competitors in whatever areas we can.

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