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VEX Robotics Photography Challenge

Showcase youth using VEX to explore STEM. Compose a photograph that features one or more students working on a robot, testing, planning or celebrating your VEX team’s accomplishments. Use photography to tell the judges something about your own story of involvement on a competition team, in a classroom, or as a hobbyist working with VEX. 


Our team doesn't stink but our feet sure do!


The shoes in this photograph represent my team taking its first steps toward a succesful future. They convey how even the smallest details matter, like taking off our shoes before walking on the practice field.


*****Sorry this was entered twice

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Pushing the Limits

Bryon Tjanaka

The VEX world comes to a standstill as 86868’s robot, Rebel, dumps three cubes over the fence. This photo demonstrates the abilities of an optimally tuned robot. By pushing the limits of Rebel’s lift, 86868 manages to carry out this seemingly impossible feat in competition.

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Hard Work Pays Off


Team 3050A relishes in the victory of receiving the coveted Excellence Award. Despite losing in the semi-finals, this award proves that drudgery pays off. The many hours spent refining the design and build of the robot resulted in the award. The team shows excitement towards preparing for another tournament.

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It Can Be Better


This image captures the heart of what Woodbridge Robotics is all about: there is always the room for improvement, the potential for a successful rebuild. In this case, we decided to dismantle our original design and put in the time to build something we know will be greater.

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1313M Roborunners


Hi my name is Valerie and I am on team 1313M the Roborunners. My picture shows my team's current robot. This picture shows Teamwork, Celebrating,Excitement and FUN. Now there's a lot of stories that I could tell about this robot. In are first competition this bad boy got us first and we got excellence! Man was my team excited to...

Teams are Family


Our team 2822D saw that one team 2822C and saw that they were struggling. One of our team asked me if he could go and help them. They appreciate the help of our teammate and he helped repair their robot. We always help our school teams because if one of them makes it to states we all win.

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“Exhausted!…Brain hurts…26-designs failed...came in last place in 4-tournaments…2-members just quit...and I want to quit!...However, I'm not defeated...I'm alone and engineering design taught me to never quit…design#27 will work!  I didn’t sleep...worked all night to make it here…Tournament#5…design#27...let's go!"

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Setting Up For Victory


Team Driver, Michael, starts up the robot to begin finals, checking the field to ensure the battle is won before it begins. He prepares the robot in hopes that it will take home the Tournament Champion Trophey.

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Interview of Excellence

The picture represents the team giving an overview to the interviewers. Each one of the team members was telling something about our robot, explaining on what it does and how it works. At the end of this competition we lost at semi finals, but we won the Excellence Award. 

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Here's the RoboDragons brainstorming the next enhancements to their robot

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